On the first day of SDCC, we got back to Summerland to learn more about the upcoming Season 2 of Legion. The people attending were:

The shows creator and executive producer/writer/director Noah Hawley,
Executive producer John Cameron,
The X-Men franchise veteran producer Lauren Shuler Donner,
Executive producer and head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb,
and cast members Dan Stevens (David), Rachel Keller (Sydney), Aubrey Plaza (Lenny/Shadow King), Jean Smart (Melanie), Bill Irwin (Cary), Jeremie Harris (Ptonomy) and Amber Midthunder (Kerry).


Foto credit: Daniel Holloway on Twitter


They talked about what we can expect from Season 2, what their wishes are for their characters and some behind the scenes facts from Season 1. This is what they discussed:

  • Season 2 will consist out of ten episodes, two more than S1.
  • Shooting will begin in September.
  • Saïd Taghmaoui is joining the cast as Shadow King/ Amahl Farouk, so he will somehow replace Lenny who was the image of Shadow King in S1.
  • The idea of Professor X appearing on the show is something Patrick Stewart would be up for. Noah Hawley reveals “We’re working on it”.
  • When a fan asked if – or when- Professor X shows up on Legion if it would be the older or younger version of the character. “I don’t know yet what that would be,” Noah Hawley answered. “On some level, it would depend on who would do it. When we reach that part of the story — is it funnier if it’s the older one or the younger one? I don’t know. It’d be great if you were older than your dad.” “A Back to the Future kind of thing,” Dan Stevens added.
  • Another question was what song the actors would want their Legion characters to sing.
  • Aubrey Plaza: “Ain’t Goin Down Til the Sun Comes Up from Garth Brooks”
  • Jean Smart: “My Man” from Funny Girl
  • Rachel Keller: “Wish You Were Here” from Pink Floyd
  • Dan Stevens: “Just the Two of Us” from Bill Withers
  • Fun fact about S1, Episode 1: Dan Stevens had food poisoning while filming the Bollywood dance scene.
  • We will see less of David’s youth in Season 2. Noah Hawley’s answer suggested a focus on other characters’ backstories instead: “We know his story pretty well now, but we don’t know everybody’s story really well now, so I think there are other people we may see where they came from and how it brought them to this moment.
  • This might also explain how Saïd Taghmaoui will be involved in the show, for example by Shadow King flashbacks. “It could be,” said Noah Hawley. “We’ll get our money’s worth out of every character on the show. I have a slight character issue. I like having a lot of them.”
  • Dan Stevens is looking forward to playing Legion without the Shadow King inside him. “What fills that void? There are a lot of questions I still have for Noah Hawley.” Said Dan Stevens.
  • But being rid of the Shadow King doesn’t mean that David is more stable now. Hawley said it might actually lead to some very bad decisions: “Now he has to face up to the fact that without that thing in him, he’s like everybody else – he has good ideas and impulses, bad ideas and impulses. It might be interesting to see his hubris: ‘I’m a hero, so everything I do is heroic.'” Dan Stevens concurred: “There are still a number of issues inside this man’s head.”
  • On what’s going to happen to David following his abduction at the end of Season 1: “He went on a little ride in that little ball. That will obviously take him some place, and he’ll have to get his way back to the others.”
  • David’s and Sydney’s romance is an “epic love story between two people who can’t physically be together. If season one was the honeymoon, in season two we’re going to explore how this actually works.” explains Noah Hawley.
  • Rachel Keller said that she is looking forward to Sydney realising her powers can be used for good, rather than being a curse, as she had previously looked at it.
  • Aubrey Plaza was asked about her characters complicated journey from Lenny Busker to being revealed as the Shadow King. “It was a wild ride, man,” Aubrey Plaza said. “It was really fun. I kind of knew the broad strokes of where Lenny would end up, but I didn’t know how I would get there.”
  • Talking about the unique relationship between Cary and Kerry, Amber Midthunder said, “I find myself describing them more as siblings, and I find you (towards Bill Irwin) describe them more as the parent dynamic.” “She has a lot to learn,” Bill Irwin added, followed by Amber Midthunder: “She knows plenty!”.
  • “I think he’s definitely sitting on a lot of trauma,” Jeremie Harris said of his character, Ptonomy Wallace. “He’s fearless when it comes to expressing his opinion because he’s seen so much.”
  • Also, the actors got asked what everyone would want to see for their characters in Season 2. Aubrey Plaza wants to ride a horse, Jean Smart wants to tango with Oliver and Dan Stevens’ request is … well, pretty fair: “Can I get out of the Orb?” Noah Hawley’s terse reply: “Not until you eat your vegetables.”

This was it! Legion Season 2 premieres in February 2018.