Prison Break had it’s long awaited, and overdue, by me at least return to Television with Ogygia. Fans of the show it did not disappoint. The show has been off the air for around 8 years now, and a lot of changes in the world have taken place in that time frame, things like Facebook, and smart phones have taken things to a new level. We start with hearing Michael’s voice, saying that the dead will talk if you listen, setting the stage for things to come.

Bagwell is being let out of jail, which has the guard a little shocked, but he gives him his belongings including a large envelope. The guard thinks that he got some housewife riled up but when Bagwell is outside we can’t see what he is looking at, but we can see the complete and utter shock on his face. Meanwhile, you can’t teach some old dogs new tricks it seems, as Lincoln is on the run from some unsavory characters who claim that he owes them $100,000. Lincoln is able to dodge his followers and is greeted by Bagwell at his door. He isn’t happy to see Bagwell but he looks at the envelope that Bagwell received. Wanted to know where he got it, he still doesn’t trust Bagwell and thinks he is playing some angle. He kicks Bagwell out and keeps the picture but Bagwell assures Lincoln he already made a copy, and that picture does in fact look like his brother might be alive.

Lincoln goes to see Sara, who has Michael’s boy who is 7 now. Sara looks at the pictures but doesn’t believe that Michael is still alive, and her reasoning is it’s someone’s sick Photoshop joke. Later that night Lincoln can’t take that as the answer, so he goes to do some research on his own. He goes to visit Michael’s grave, while there he notices that the tagline on the note seems to have different color. So he gets and eraser and erases the lines to reveal some were made in pen. He does some internet searches with the letters to locate a prison, he wants to know what Michael is trying to tell him so after dark begins to dig up the grave, where he finds that the casket did not have a body at all! Lincoln takes all the belongings as he tries to figure out a clue from Michael.

Meanwhile, Bagwell gets a message from a prosthetic doctor to meet him at a designated time and location. He is a bit spooked yet curious so he goes to meet the mystery doctor. He says that an anonymous donor paid a lot of money on his research but the stipulation was that Bagwell would be the first one to receive the transplant. Bagwell sits on it for a day or more and goes back for the transplant. He doesn’t want anything to be put under but finally does, when the transplant is done he has a robotic arm.

Back with Lincoln, he has a follower who stops next to him at a stop light, but doesn’t go forward after the light turns green. The person hits a switch and it puts Lincoln’s car into full acceleration, Lincoln can’t over ride it and maneuvers around traffic until he hits a guard rail and the car ends up face down in the lake. Lincoln escaped and was hiding while the attacker and other people look on at the upside down car. Lincoln calls Sara to say that Michael is not in the grave, he was just attacked and he had some cars following him earlier. The truck was outside Sara’s house, who got her son to go to safety as she called out to her husband to get a gun ready that she hid for someone coming. He does, but called out to her to many times and got shot for his troubles. Sara’s husband is shot in the leg, but the cop sirens were able to spook the attacker before she could hurt Sara or son.

Lincoln, running out of patience decides he will go to Yemeni himself to bring back Michael. Sara says she will stay with her husband and son. Lincoln seeks out the help of Franklin, who has changed his life around and joined a Mosk. With the picture, one of Franklin’s counterparts does recognize the location and gives them the information on where it is. Franklin says he has connections calls the prison to see if a Michael is enrolled but he is not. Lincoln says pull some pictures off the internet and send them over maybe he is under a different name, but the database shows all sorts of updates and all of Michael’s pictures have been altered as someone is trying to make it that he doesn’t exist.

Lincoln is ready to go by himself, Sucre who has heard about what is going on meets Lincoln at the airport. They are being watched by the people who attacked Sara and Lincoln earlier. Franklin also arrives and says he is willing to go, he says he has connections oversees and can speak Arabic. Lincoln decides that he will need Sucre’s help at some point but not right now as Franklin is the better choice. In Yemeni, Lincoln wonders why nobody is going into the country, and Franklin says it’s because the nation is in shambles, they see someone who says he is their driver and they leave with him. We see right after someone with a proper sign for Franklin and Lincoln line up to taxi them. The fake taxi driver takes them to a garage and gets out saying he needs to grab some smokes, when a group of people with weapons surround the car that Lincoln and Franklin already got out of. Lincoln and Franklin are able to rough up the attackers from the prison experience and have a new ride from Jesus contact Shiba.

Shiba is Franklin’s main contact in the area, Shiba says she has a contact named Omar who offers a meeting between Lincoln and Michael if Lincoln would give up his passport, he says that it is like gold over here. Lincoln thinks about it, Franklin asks him to not take the deal, which Lincoln finally does.

At the prison, the trio asks the guard if they have a Michael Schoffield. He does not, so when they re-group they decide to show him the picture they got in the mail to see if that rings a bell. That instantly gets a reaction from the guard who says that is Kaniel Outis, who is a major terrorist. Shiba is upset and leaves after Lincoln says yes, Kaniel Outis, which is the name of the coat that Michael’s jacket had in the grave that Lincoln dug up. The guard brings the inmate up to the common area and says that he doesn’t recognize those people and his name is not Michael. Lincoln tries to get his brother to open up on why he is in prison but his brother just insist he doesn’t recognize him and asks the guards to walk him up back to his cell as Lincoln looks on distraught. You can tell how badly this upsets Lincoln yet he can’t get a straight answer from Michael. You can see this is hard on Michael as well, but like everything he does it’s always planned out steps in advance and right now is not the best time to talk.