Hey friends, how’s it going?

Another entertaining episode is here from #Shameless(US). A lot of fun going on simultaneously in everyone’s life on the show one more time!

Starting from the title itself, Ian and Fiona are still fighting over the Church issue from the past episodes. (If you don’t remember it, please find it here.) Ian is making Fiona’s life extremely tough. It is the best part of the episode and I think you must watch it yourself!

Frank is trying to get some job after he was ‘let go‘ by the previous employer. He has already done a lot of shopping with the credit card (including a car) and he needs money to cover the costs. He finally ends up making trips to Canada and bring stuff legally (and illegally) into the USA for others in exchange decent for money. It’s also like car pool, except he doesn’t actually have anything to do in Canada!

There is a girl in Carl’s rehab program named Kassidi, who… well you see yourself who she is! She is a piece of art that puts some more life into the show. She and Carl do some stupid things to help Carl get easy money for his fees.

Meanwhile, Lip is still on the mission of saving his ‘two pillars of life‘ – Youens and Brad. But somehow, Youens ends up screwing things in the end for himself.

Debbie, is also a great part of this episode with her exciting endeavors with the annoying doctor visitor at her work!

And Oh, Kevin’s weirdness continues in this episode, too. 😀

Watch it guys and thank me later for the fun!