On this episode of ‘You’ the show resumed after Joe’s eight seconds of lovemaking which clearly creates an awkward moment for both of them, but now we got insight into Beck’s life from her point of view. I have to say I died of laughter at the sight of their faces afterward. I’m sure Joe’s plans were to show Beck what she’s been missing out on, but he ended it coming up short? (Literally). Beck wanted Joe to do anything so that they could have passed the embarrassing situation, but he said nothing. Luckily, her phone rang giving which gave her escape from Mr. Eight seconds. She also through that nickname into the conversation that she had with her friends. Beck received messages from someone known as “The Captain”. At first, I thought that he was just a back up boo incase Joe ever failed at ever proving that he could mentally and physically survive in a relationship with her, but he’s actually Beck’s dad. Yes, the one that we assumed died since that’s what joe concluded after searching through her personal items. The captain paid for Beck’s new bead and bills in exchange for her being a loving and caring daughter which is really tough for her to do since her ex-drug-addicted father abandoned his family to start another one.

From Beck’s point of view, he sounds even worse. She couldn’t even say ” love you” without being hesitant. Her struggle with building a relationship with her father because she can’t make ends meet worried me and also made me point the finger at Joe. If he insists that he knows what’s best for beck and how to make her life better, why didn’t he help back? He could’ve helped pay a bill since he secretly broke into her home anyway or bought her new clothes. If he really cared about her, he would’ve helped so that she wouldn’t have to run into the arms of her daddy for help and suffer as she replays the things he did over and over again. A lot of men don’t realize it, but how you treat your daughter has a big impact on their life. It can affect their choices of men later on in their life. Becks father abandoned her and felt like he could pop in and out of her life because of what he has. Don’t you think that’s why she had Benji in her life? Joe isn’t that kind of guy that would want to just leave back and that’s why he has to work so hard for her.

I felt bad for Beck as she had to act a certain way around her fathers new family just to get help. To make matters worse she had sat among them as they brag about how great they are and how much they made her father better because they’re a “good Christian home”. The sad part was that they never had to see the things Beck and her family saw. The never had to see the bad side of their father that filled their home with loneliness and misery. They got to see a reformed man who made his family feel like they weren’t good enough so he started a new one by welcoming another baby into the world with Nancy. Nancy continued to brag about Beck’s father, but it was Beck who saved him not her. She is the one who found her father strung out and got help. No one acknowledged her except joe from afar, but she needed from the people she loved the most.

Of course, Joe knew about the entire situation because he had Becks another phone, but like me be suspected ” The Captain” was one of her lovers. It wasn’t until he stalked her that he found out her father was alive. Joe’s perspective of beck changes every episode as he continues to assure himself that he knows a woman that he really doesn’t know. Beck is more of a rubric cube rather than a puzzle, but Joe feels like if he puts two and two together she will be his. So many things get in the way of their secret matchmaking including becks overprotective friend Peach. While Joe stalked Beck at her family gathering, Peach paid a trip to the bookstore to find her lost Ozma of Oz book which Joe swiped from her place and gifted to Paco. During the conversation with his coworker about her visit, he ended up being brought by Beck.

Joe made a step closer to her heart by meeting Becks family but was pushed two steps back when he tried to go comfort Beck. She took it the wrong way because she concluded that Joe was saying that she has daddy issues (which she does). I had to pause when Joe commented: “Do you want him dead?”. Oh, Joe if you kill her dad who will help her pay bills, if you were smart you would be doing that so she wouldn’t have to ask her father for anything. After Beck was left alone, her feelings drove her to write a short story piece about her father. Peach gave her a lot of crap about writing about her father but it helps back and it creates beautiful pieces. It might sound bad, but some of the best pieces I’ve ever written comes from a very sad and dark place. It’s not to make someone feel bad for you, its apart of self-healing and setting yourself free. After she did set herself free she felt bad about treating Joe like crap so she he was able to get one more chance to make love to her and Joe was able to get on peaches good side by putting her book back although this won’t be the last time she comes after joe, at least he tried.

I would like to see more episodes like this one except it got confusing when it switched narrations. Becks narration was a lot more in touch in the now vs Joes which made it more enjoyable to learn about Beck. I would also like to see an episode about Peach with her own narration since she is a lot like Joe, I would want to know why does she act the way that she does towards him and Beck. I loved that this episode wasn’t too focused on Joe’s thoughts and feelings since we got a pretty good idea of who he is from the previous episodes. I feel as if Beck isn’t sure what she wants and it will make it harder for him to force her to love him. I do predict that they will fall in love, but we will have to see. Till next episode.