I wasn’t sure I could hate the British Men of Letters more than I already did, but hey we learn something new every day.

Last week’s episode starts with Mick dreaming of his time at Kendrick’s School, AKA “Shitty Hogwarts” and a pre-teen Mick and his buddy being forced to fight to the death to stay in school. Harry Hunger Games. Fab. Mick wins (shock!) Dr. Hess, the evil Headmistress tells him what a good boy he is. “Good” is fairly relative here.

Flash Forward to present day, and Eileen calls the boys and lets them know of a Kelly Kline sighting. You know, Lucifer’s MIA baby mama. She and Sam have some cute moments and the boys head back to the bunker where Mick is waiting and drinking. His key works in all the bunker’s in the world so file the under “Shit That is Going to be Important to Know” right next to the whole Nephilim pregnancy Mick came to tell the boys about. The Brit is a little peeved that they knew and didn’t say anything, and a lot pissed that they didn’t just outright kill Kelly in the first place (honestly, I’m a little bit on Mick’s side for this one) because according to The Code, all things must die. 

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Down in Hell, Lucifer telepathically connects to Daigon and checks on his bun. From the sound of it, Kelly ain’t too long for this world, anyway. Daigon tells him she’ll last “long enough” so that’s a good sign. The next morning Kelly is having weird pains and insists on seeing a doctor. The gal pals go to an OBGYN, whom Daigon whammies to tell Kelly the baby is peachy keen, and later that night, sends a flunky to kill. 

Back in the bunker, after a heavy night of drinking the puts Dean on his ass, we get another peek into Mick’s past. Turns out his buddy tried to escape, but Bite Size Mick decided to kill him anyway. Mick’s woken up from his dream by a phone call from none other than the Queen Bitch herself, telling him that with Lucifer’s baby on the way, they don’t have time to wheedle the Colonials into the fold. They can assimilate or Mick needs to turn them over to Ketch. Methinks Ketch wont treat them as nicely as he’s seeming to be treating Mary Winchester, but hey they aren’t killing tools like she seems to be becoming.  Either way, Mick isn’t too convincing, so Dr. Hess sends her lapdog Rawlings to keep an eye on the disobedient MoL.

Back in Hell, Crowley’s arrogance grows. Lucifer has given up, and will do whatever Crowley wants him to. he licks the floor, and says being Crowley’s dog is better than being in the cage. Crowley, of course, wants to spread the news and so gathers up his minions. He tells them that Lucifer has been “tamed” and they’d better not get and ideas about overthrowing him. He calls Lucifer in to tell them the same thing, and Lucifer (with his back turned) tells them all he’s loyal to Crowley while mouthing and winking his real message: He’s playing Crowley for a fucking fool.

Meanwhile, Dean is wondering where Cas is (join the club, Dean. We all miss the angel) and Eileen is back at the bunker with a new lead on Kelly. She ran the plates and found a car with a missing owner who was spotted with Dead Doctor. Before she kills Daigon’s Demon lackey, she gets Kelly’s phone number. Eileen is really damn good at her job.  Sam calls Kelly and convinces her (in the cutest and lamest accent) that Dead Doctor Oliver needs to see her again that afternoon. He hangs up and Mick and his shadow show up with the colt to make a plan. I fucking love Eileen’s snark and sass when Rawling talks about his formal training. I ship her and Sam so hard. 

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Kelly is on her way to the doctor when Dean snags her and takes her to the rest of the team. She tells them that she knows this probably wasn’t the best idea, but she loves her baby. Which, is unfortunate since the kid is the son of Satan and will destroy the world. Before Rawlings can kill Kelly, or the boys can think of some other plan (which, I’d love to hear), Daigon shows up, blasting them all away, grabbing Kelly. Eileen takes aim with the colt and shoots, only to have Daigon vanish and Eileen’s bullet to strike and kill Rawlings instead. Mick, per The Code, pulls his gun and tries to shoot Eileen for killing a Men of Letters. Sam talks him down, however, and he lets them go. They get back to the bunker and Eileen breaks down. Rawlings was a dick, but he wasn’t a monster. Sam signs to her that is was a mistake and holds her while she cries. The next morning, she is heading to Ireland and the boys still have the colt, but they’re both worried about Cas.

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While all this is going down, Mary and Ketch are banging, and Mary still seems to think she can have it all: Hunting on her own and her family. She’s just… not going about it the best way. Oh well. Lucifer has a demon doctor? Engineer? Someone checking on his vessel’s maintenance and trying to see if there is any way to wrest control of his body from Crowley, but Crowley (in one if his few smart moves re: Lucifer) had the demon who designed the vessel’s “system” killed to safeguard the secret.  Daigon is now restraining Kelly and dropping the thin facade of friendship. She drops the bomb that Kelly isn’t going to survive the birth. Color me shocked.

Back at British Bunker, Mick returns to find Ketch and Dr. Hess waiting for him. Dr. Ness is not happy with Mick’s report and performance. She is having none of Mick’s shit, if the hunters don’t obey, you put them down like dogs. Ness tells him that they will find Eileen and kill her, then investigate and try the Winchesters. If they’re found guilty in the kangaroo court, they’ll be killed as well, in accordance with The Code. Mick tries to argue his case, defending the Winchesters and insisting on his own code (these Winchesters just can’t help but scrape away the blind obedience of the people around them), but Ketch shoots him in the head before he finishes. Ya knew Mick was dead as soon as you learned his backstory, right? Ness tells Ketch it’s over and to exterminate every hunter in America.

Overall this wasn’t a great episode for me. I enjoyed seeing Eileen back (more please!) and getting some backstory on Mick, but it in general fell pretty flat for me. At least the two storylines are starting to merge though. Also Sam and Eileen were super cute. Not sure I mentioned that yet. What did you think of the British Invasion?

BAMF: Eileen. I love her. She worked her ass off this week following that lead on Kelly.

Bonus: Look at these idiot. I love them so much

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