After spending a season in the forest, training under the Three Eyed Raven, Bran emerged this season mature and ready to take on the challenge of being the NEW Three Eyed Raven. Just kidding. Bran accidentally screwed up A LOT this season.

After Bran went into vision mode by himself–when he was told not to (sound familiar?)–he was seen and marked by the Night’s King. It didn’t take long for the army of the Undead to find Bran and his crew and attack. In an epic, but heartbreaking battle, we lost the Three Eyed Raven, Summer, Leaf, and Hodor to angry wights and white walkers. Bran and Meera narrowly escaped, but not before Bran told Hodor to hold the door shut while he was still in vision mode, which caused a permanent aphasia for young Hodor. After all of that, Bran and Meera kept going and met up with Benjen Stark, who is now a zombie and fighting the evil undead North of the wall. Benjen escorts them safely to the weirwood outside of the wall, but can’t go any further because of a protection spell (presumably). Will Bran remove the spell when he passes through the wall (because he’s marked)? It really looks that way.

Arguably, the only good thing Bran did this season was see Jon Snow’s birth at the Tower of Joy. Thanks to Bran, R+L=J is confirmed. Lyanna whispered Jon’s real name to Ned, but you could hear the rest of what she said, “If Robert finds out he’ll kill him…promise me, Ned. Promise me.” We don’t know for sure how much Bran heard, but it’s safe to say he figured out that it was Jon.

Next season, hopefully Bran will be able to connect with Jon and also warg into a dragon, because, you know, the White Walkers are going to invade because of him, so he better know how to fight back.