We are coming up on the best season of the year. No I’m not talking about baseball season, I am talking about convention season! Our favorite movies, shows, comics and anime start touring the globe, bringing stars, art, collectibles and all sorts of cosplay. This is the first time that I personally will be attending a convention as an official member of the press, but you still have time to find tickets to attend Walker Stalker Convention’s in San Francisco or in other areas in the United States. The San Francisco convention takes place on April 15th and 16th and will have members from The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Sons of Anarchy and Boondocks Saints. You will have opportunities to listen to panels, get a photo, or get an autograph with your favorite stars. If you do plan on getting an autograph prepare to wait in a line for that.

This will be my first time at this particular convention, if you are going to attend, please reach out to me(I’ll provide some contact information at the bottom)! I would enjoy hanging out, talking theories and just interacting with other fanatics like myself. I can say from attending other conventions you are very likely to see booths with artists amazing art, or comic books. If you are into collectibles you are likely to find all sorts of items big or small. Below are some items I have picked up on my travels.


Lucille collectible bats from the show and one from the comic, along with some great custom art. Photo Credit: Jon Hicks The Game of Nerds

You are also going to see people in different levels of cosplay. Common courtesy rules still apply, nobody likes someone going up to them and taking a picture of them or trying to hug them, and that doesn’t change at a convention. If you see someone that you want to take a picture of it’s recommended you ask them for permission before taking a picture, even if the cosplayer doesn’t take offense to it others might. You know how the “saying” goes? Don’t be that guy, well please for the safety of everyone, don’t be that guy(or girl) who makes others feel uncomfortable.

To go over some of the specifics the Walker Stalker Convention, tickets are still available, from single day general admission, to 2 day passes or different VIP packages (as of April 3rd). The event will be taking place at the Fort Mason Convention Center, regular admission is Saturday from 10:30 to 6 pm and 10:30 to 5 pm on Sunday. VIP admission for both days starts at 9 am.

Some of the attendees include: From The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus(Daryl), Jeffrey Dean Morgan(Negan), Scott Wilson(Herschel), Emily Kinney(Beth), Michael Cudlitz(Abraham), MIchael Rooker(Merle), among others.

Other shows will have representation, Sons of Anarchy will have Ron Pearlman(Clay, who also played Hellboy) and Ryan Hurst(Opie). The Boondock Saints will have some other actors besides Norman Reedus, you can also see stars from Z Nation which airs on Syfy, Keith Allen(Murphy) and Russell Hodgkinson(Doc).

If you will be attending the event and want to meet up at the event you can always email me ahead of time at jon.h@thegameofnerds.com, you can tweet us at The Game of Nerds on Twitter and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for any live updates from the event, our Facebook is located here The Game of Nerds on Facebook. I hope to see some new faces at this event and any other upcoming conventions and I personally, am so extremely excited for this event.