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Episode Synopsis:

As Jess continues to stay with her dad (guest star Rob Reiner) in Portland, they unexpectedly help one another with their love lives. Meanwhile, Nick turns to a reluctant Aly for help with his relationship with Reagan, and Schmidt contemplates using his first name.

The Breakup

Finally the day came that Nick decided to breakup with Reagan. And in typical Nick fashion, he did it in the worst way possible. With the help of Aly (kind of…), Nick makes a rash decision to take a train ride with Reagan to San Diego. Unfortunately, Nick freaks out and gets off the train, before the two even make it to their destination. This isn’t really how I wanted this breakup to go. I thought it would be more climactic, with Nick realizing that he has feelings for Jess too, and explains it all to Reagan. Instead, it was weirdly rushed, and the two were pretty much fine with breaking up with each other. I gotta say though, I really liked the banter between Nick and Aly during the episode. They finally got some screen time together, and they were kind of like brother and sister. They argued a lot, but in the end, had a nice heart to heart. Lastly, we have to talk about that conversation between Nick and Jess’s dad. Oh man, that made me so happy! Nick really put his heart out there for Bob to see. What a great line from Nick, saying that Jess’s heart is like a compass and a flashlight. It really does encompass who she is. Someone who can lead you in the right direction and brings brightness to your life.

Winston vs Winston

Well, we finally found what Schmidt’s first name is, and it’s definitely not what I was expecting. After all these years, I really had no idea what his first name was going to be, but I never would have thought the writers would have made his name the same as another character’s. I’m still not sure what to think about it because I thought once we found out Schmidt’s name, it would definitely suit him, but I really don’t think he looks like a Winston. And Winston Schmidt really doesn’t go. What does make sense, is why he’s gone by Schmidt this whole time. Because it was a hassle having two Winston’s in the same friend group; but I think I either would have wanted it to be a really weird, which was why he was ashamed of it, or maybe he had the same name as his dad. That could have been interesting. Also, I’m so happy that he’s sticking with his name being Schmidt, because that was super awkward when Cece told “Winston” that she loved him. It was just wrong sounding.

The Day’s

We’re at the home stretch, and a lot went down with Jess and her dad. We found out that Bob separated from his new wife (which was quick). And now he already has a new girlfriend, thanks to Jess. Also, Jess poured out her heart yet again about her feelings for Nick, and thank god her dad is now on her side. These two really helped each other out these last couple of days? Weeks? And like I said before, I was so happy with that phone call between Nick and Bob. Bob really got a sense from Nick, that he loves Jess and wouldn’t know what do without her. And thank god he found out that Nick broke up with Reagan. When Bob found Jess that night and told her everything Nick said to him, the look on Jess’s face was priceless. She knew in that moment, that she had to see Nick and tell him the truth about her feelings for him. I’m just super excited now for how Jess is going to surprise Nick and pour her heart out. It better be really emotional. We’ve waited how long now for these two to get back together, and it better be a great reunion.