Riverdale Season 3: Ep. 4 “The Midnight Club”

In this flashback episode, Alice tells Betty the secret the adults of Riverdale have been hiding since they were teenagers. The adults (Alice, Fred, FP, Sierra, Penelope, and Hermione) were each give a Saturday detention when they were at Riverdale High. None of them started out as friends, in fact they didn’t like each other much, but they began spending time together in detention. Eventually, Hermione breaks into the teacher’s desk and finds an old copy of Griffons and Gargoyles.

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The group starts playing G&G together during their detentions and even sneaks back into the school to play the game at night. Deeming themselves “The Midnight Club”, they take medieval outfits from the drama room that fit each of their game characters and after all of them (except a secretly pregnant Alice) take drugs, they run amok in the school. Each of them finding an escape from their own reality in the game.

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Alice still hasn’t told FP she’s pregnant. She’s a bad girl from the wrong side of the tracks and FP’s a south-sider pretending to be a north-sider so he doesn’t end up like his drunk, Serpent father. Penelope Blossom admits to the group that she was taken from the orphanage as a young girl by the Blossoms to be a future wife for their son Clifford and Hermione tells the group that her mother doesn’t want her dating Hiram because of his behavior, but Hermione thinks he’s an entrepreneur. Meanwhile, Fred Andrews is playing the game to escape his reality where his father has fallen ill.


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During one Saturday detention, each member of The Midnight Club receives invitations in their locker to something called an “Ascension Party”. Later that night, they sneak back into the school and after taking drugs from Hiram, things get crazy. Alice sneaks away to the bathroom after pretending to take the drugs. While in the stall, she notices the lights have turned red and upon exiting, the walls are covered in writing that says, “Flip for your fate”. Two chalices are on the edge of the sink, filled with blue liquid. Alice leaves the bathroom and runs into the same creature Betty and Jughead saw in the woods.

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Alice tries to make a quick escape from the creature by exiting the school, but just as she’s about to leave, Principle Featherhead enters and she hides. Later, leaving her friends at the school, she tries to call them but no one answers. She sees Hermione at school the next day, but Hermione tells her Fred’s father has died.

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By the time the funeral comes around, their principle has been officially declared missing. Shortly after, Principle Featherhead is found dead in a closet at the school with blue poison on his lips. Alice tells the group they should go to the police, but they talk her into making a pact that they will never speak of it again, or someone might think they did something to the principle.

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The members of The Midnight Club each take pieces from G&G and scatter them around Riverdale. After their detentions were over, they lost touch and each member went their separate way. Fred sold his guitar and started working at his family’s business. Hermione began dating Hiram Lodge. Penelope told Clifford she wanted to live with him at Thorn Hill forever. Sierra stopped dating Tom because both of their parents were against it. FP gave up his Letterman’s jacket for a serpents jacket and Alice gave up her leather for a date with Hal.

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The episode ends when Betty (present day) goes to Dilton’s secret bunker to tell Jughead everything she’s learned from her mother. When she arrives, she finds Jughead with a group playing G&G. He has a crazy look in his eye and tells Betty he will be able to ascend and meet the Gargoyle King.

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There are so many wonderful Easter eggs hidden in this episode of Riverdale! Almost the entire episode references The Breakfast Club. Even Principle Featherhead was played by Anthony Michael Hall, who was the only star to also appear in The Breakfast Club as Brian Johnson. Even FP’s arm cast pays homage to Stephen King’s, IT. How many Easter eggs can you find?

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