Season 2 has been a roller coaster of emotions, and “Lesser Evils” not only keeps pace with the rest of the season, but managed to introduce so much grey area that we can’t even fathom an appropriate recap and will go with giffing our favorite scenes and discussing what we loved in this episode and how those same parts hurt us inside–

John Mcnamura said it best in the “Inside the episode” – the show is a story of transitioning to adulthood and in this episode we see our characters take huge steps to this.

And spoiler alert:  We didn’t enjoy the totally over-hyped musical number, but we enjoyed the setup and everything surrounding (yeah, it was one of those episodes)

Episode Surprise: Non-book inclusion of the fae


Source: The Magicians / SYFY

“+” will indicate what we liked and “–” will flag things that made us make horrible faces and feel generally bad

  • The Musical Number

+Eliot as a Bard

+Margo sneaks in the line about his high school performance of Le Mis which is to-character but also a minor fourth wall break as Hale Appleman was in a high school production of the musical

+All the sass


Source: The Magicians / SYFY

+The nod to Whedon

– The song choice and execution

  • Margo

+Summer Bishil’s outfits and makeup highlighted her perfectly and she was too beautiful to look directly at half the time


Source: The Magicians / SYFY

+Introducing the musical number and the line “sorry, I had to skip a few verses, but they don’t really apply to our situation”

+Margo continually being the grounded one so Eliot can have his Whimsy and moments

–Margo having to be the practical one and make the tough choice she thought she had to in order to save Eliot and magic


Source: The Magicians / SYFY

+The fairies were so creepy and well done that they kind of deserve the royal baby?

  • Eliot

+Continues to try and be a good king

+Seducing the king of Loria

–Not consulting Fen before comitting her to a new polyamorous relationship

  • Shadeless Julia

+Makes up for scariness with unpredictability and watchability

–Throwing Quentin to Reynard to force him to use Alice to kill the evil god for her


Source: The Magicians / SYFY

+Character development demonstrated in a face journey


  • Kady and Penny

+ They (try) to keep Shadelss Julia in check

–Penny tries to hard to be a bad ass when he can’t cast and even if he COULD Julia is a stronger Magician

+ They abduct Reynard’s son

+Reynard’s son is played by Christopher Gorham, who is still dreamy as f*ck

–He leaves with Reynard which just can’t be good, (+) but it stopped Reynard from killing anyone else…for now

  • Quentin

+Provides the banter for Josh’s sexually transmitted lycanthropy

+Tried his best to do what he could for Alice (childish and naive but pure)

+/- Doesn’t let Alice out to save them from Reynard (Understandable motives, but we need Reynard to die already)

+Finally showing character development, growing up a bit, and releasing Alice


Source: The Magicians / SYFY

Just a beautifully done scene, and while Niffin Alice is best Alice, her not killing him shows there might still be hope that a little of the old Aiice still exists.