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Legion – Chapter 7

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The cold opening of “Legion’s” seventh episode is disconcerting and creepy. Kerry is on the run from Bad Perm Mutant™ and frightened out of her wits. David’s malignant Evil Humpty Dumpty™ alter is meddling with Amy and Lenny is going off about the day David’s parents adopted him. It makes the hair stand up along your arm-terrifying, horrific, discombobulating.

In alternate reality, Oliver (Melanie’s husband) and Cary discuss how to rescue David from his parasitic alters. Oliver is confused-he thinks Melanie was Japanese or Chinese-but he understands what is happening with David’s alters. The Shadow King is taking over David’s mind and Oliver and Cary realize they must find a way to separate David from Al Farouk, The Shadow King.

Source: Legion // FX

Meeting up with Syd in another alternate zone, Cary is surprised to discover Sydney worked out what was happening. She decides how the plan is going to go down and sets out to begin. In David’s childhood bedroom, Melanie gets a sense of what happened because she can see her body frozen before a hail of bullets. Cary pops out from the mirror and has Oliver in tow. Oliver-Melanie’s husband whom she hasn’t seen in twenty years-doesn’t recognize or know her. He feels that she is familiar but whatever bond they had as spouses is long gone.

Syd’s mission finds her back in the mental institute with an army of zombie patients on her tail. Wearing special glasses that block out the craziness, she finds Kerry and gives her a pair as well.

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David is still trapped in a coffin. He breaks down but the beauty of his mind creates his rational self (Dan Stevens using his natural British accent is amazing). Rational David outlines the coffin is an IDEA, not a physical plane. Rational David has Actual David list facts to discover whom he is. Fact: his bio father was a mutant. Fact: his bio father fought a powerful, evil mutant. Fact: bio father gave him up to protect him. Fact: evil mutant found David, infiltrated his mind and fed off of his powers. Fact: this is a story of revenge.

Back in frozen childhood bedroom of David’s, Oliver begins a symphony of sound that explodes reality. On another astral plane, Sydney and Kerry are attacked by a monstrous Lenny. And David is trying to make his way back to his physical body through destruction of the alternate realities. His powers unfreeze them and the bullets end up harmlessly in his hand. It’s a spectacular display of his powers.

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Things are altered after the unfreeze. Oliver is back. Kerry and Cary appear to be permanently separated and Lenny is locked in the coffin. Until Division Three shows up at the compound to take David and kill the others.

But it’s the season finale and David has come into his powers…let’s see how this all shakes down, shall we? Stay tuned.

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