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Thoughts While Watching Supernatural 12×15: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Source: Supernatural // CW
  • That is not how you chop wood
  • Awwww this proposal will not go as planned
  • He is really young to have made a deal 10yr ago
  • Hey she can wield a hatchet when it matters at least
  • Lucille!
  • Take a shower, Dean. This isn’t the hot kind of dirty and bloody
  • Sam “The computer told me” Winchester everybody
  • Of course Sam has fancy shampoo
  • Cas hunting angel killers… again. Poor Cas.
  • You’ll get that badge thing down one day, Cas
  • This guy is totally normal
  • It’s never aliens, dude.
  • Wow something useful. Wouldn’t the cops still have this tape? I mean… weirdo or not, that is some important shit…
  • Hellhounds are one of the scariest monsters in Supernatural, IMO
  • Yes, that’s exactly what you should say, Dean.
  • This is one patient Hellhound
  • Cute vet chick= 1 Winchesters=0
  • Just kidding, vet chick is being attacked by hellhound, she loses
  • YASSSS Crowley and Lucifer!!
  • Crowley, you kinky bastard
  • No one can escape paperwork, Crowley
  • She’s taking this well…
  • Hello kitty or death of an enemy. Those are the choices
  • Don’t act like you’re not happy to get a call, Crowley
  • Oh goody, is another angel here to betray Cas?
  • Oh shit, Ramsey the Hellhound only listens to Luci
  • Kill the dog. Bad PR for Hell
  • Prancy?
  • Can’t find good minions these days…
  • Heaven is functional, Luci’s baby puts things in perspective
  • Does Cas even WANT to go to Heaven?
  • Joshua’s in charge?
  • I dont believe this shit for a second.
  • Making demands of Lucifer always ends well
  • Dean in glasses. Yes please.
  • Ew Crowley, no rubbing off on Dean
  • Gwen will never lie again. Because lying gets people eaten by invisible hellhounds
  • Dean is gonna be PISSED
  • Oh cool, first look at the beast!
  • Nice move with the glasses, CW
  • Thanks, Crowley!
  • Poor Baby
  • Back in Hell…
  • Goddammit, I miss angel wings
  • oh shit, Crowley is not fucking around
  • So…. Mark Pellegrino is Lucifer forever now?
  • Finally some progress on the Kelly front
  • Cas what the fuck are you doing???
  • Awww Dean can tell something is wrong with Cas
  • What?? A Winchester being honest without lives on the line?? PInch me.
  • So… they’re working with the BMoL now…

We’ll be back with recaps and reviews when Supernatural returns on Thursday, March 30th!!

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