Episode Synopsis:

Jess avoids her feelings for Nick by taking care of her dad (guest star Rob Reiner) in Portland. While attending a work party with Reagan, Nick panics that they really don’t know each other. Meanwhile, Aly prepares to meet Winston’s mom (guest star Anna Maria Horsford) for the first time, as Winston admits he hasn’t told her they are cops.

The Promotion

Well, Nick and Reagan’s storyline really was reminding me of “The Captain” episode. They both had a similar problem, which was that each couple was not communicating properly. Of course in “The Captain,” Jess was getting frustrated with Nick because he wasn’t communicating with her at all and didn’t like to talk about his emotions. This was very similar to this episode, except Nick finally realized that communication is key, and took it out on Reagan. I would say though, that Nick and Jess definitely talked more about their problems, than Nick and Reagan, but I think in this situation, Nick has pretty much been dating the female version of himself, so now he realizes that he needs more from a relationship, than just hanging out. I think he finally understands what Jess was going through when they were dating. Talking about feelings is important, and just talking about essential things, like promotions, is necessary. Also, this makes a good tie-in for Nick and Jess to get back together, because Nick has been calling Jess, to talk about his problems, and him and Jess need to also communicate their feelings towards each other. Lastly, there’s some similarities with the fact that Schmidt was the center point of both realizations, that talking about feelings is important. In “The Captain,” Schmidt definitely wasn’t rooting for Nick and Jess to stay together, and was making matters worse, by telling them that they were having communication problems. And in this episode, Schmidt was more of a helping hand in explaining the positives to talking to your significant other. Now that Nick and Reagan are walking on egg shells, I’m interested to see how this all falls apart for good.

I’m a cop 

Winston and Aly definitely had their own set of problems to face, but it wasn’t with each other. It was with Winston’s mom. Staying with the same theme of communication, Winston was having a hard time telling his mom that he was a cop, because since his dad left early in his childhood, him mom has been very protective. I was glad that him and Aly finally revealed the truth in the end, and for the most part, Winston’s mom excepted their choice of work; but I was not expecting the reveal that Winston’s dad was also a cop. That makes me want to learn so much more about Winston’s dad, because was the reason Winston’s dad left, have to do with stress at work or something having to do with his job? Also, it was a nice way to show that Winston and his dad were similar in some way.


Well, Jess landed in Portland, at her dad’s house, and things couldn’t have gone stranger. The storyline was super forced and I was glad that Jess’s dad asked her what was wrong. Jess revealed yet again, that she’s in love with Nick, but at this point, she’s totally in distress. Like this time, it’s totally end game for her and Nick, and I can’t wait to hear what she says to him when she returns. I hope it’s super emotional and makes me turn into a puddle of happiness.

Happy couple 

Speaking of forced storylines, Schmidt and Cece’s scenes in this episode were pretty god awful. Like I’d stated in my last review, I wondered how the writers were going to incorporate Schmidt and Cece into the loft shenanigans, now that they have moved. Well, we got our answer. The two just waltz into the loft and try to give out happy couple wisdom to everyone else. It was pretty annoying, but I gotta say, they did end up helping Winston and Aly and Nick with their problems. I just hope that in these last two episodes, the writers give the happy couple some better storylines.