Hello hello, and welcome! I hope the Olympics were as exciting for you as they were for me. The ice skating series will always hold a special spot in my heart. Much like this series! I just wanted to keep it short, and remind you that Monday, February 26th, the 15th episode of The Good Doctor will be returning to ABC. This episode only has a quick, 15 second promo, and the overview is even shorter- “A teenage patient hopes the surgical team can free her from a life of confinement at home; a young patient’s perfectly matched organ donor is causing moral dilemma for the parents and the patient.”

gd 10.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

It seems the promo shows the organ donor as a prisoner, with Claire shouting, and staring offscreen. Of course, that doesn’t mean much, could be two different scenes meshed together to draw ratings. The show is well written, no need to create more drama. I’m also curious about how Morgan will play into the episode, as I didn’t see her in the promo. Not a big fan, honestly, but would like to give her one more shot. I still like the original trio, the perfect balance between minds. Just wanted to remind you all we will be back, now that the Olympics are over. Hopefully, we will finish up the season with no more interruptions!

As always, stay golden, and see you next week!