Chapter Seventy-Five

Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

Wow. That 3 week hiatus felt like a LIFETIME. I’m not even kidding right now! Do you all remember the end of Chapter 74? It was sexy times galore! Then we had to WAIT for more!

omg. The rhymes. I’m sorry.

Anyway, this week featured the return of Professor Jonathan Chavez (Adam Rodriguez). The last time we saw him, Jane cried in front of him because she wasn’t ready to lose her virginity. Now, we have a very different Jane—girlfriend is getting it on frequently with her secret boo Rafael (I mean…who can blame them? They’re both hot). He didn’t return as a romantic foil, though, luckily! Chavez returned as the Professor who may or may not be able to give Jane a job! That’s right, Jane quit the Marbella, then her book deal with Petra was tabled (more on that later), so Jane had to search for another job. When she found out that Chavez was hooking up with another one of his advisees, though, Jane lost focus on teaching and wanted to warn the unsuspecting girl. It was a #metoo sort of moment—Jane looked out for a fellow woman who didn’t know she was being taken advantage of by a man with more power. So, Jane said her piece (among a few other things) and didn’t get the job. She was relieved in the end. She’s not really sure about anything in her life right now but Rafael…she’s ready to tell the family they’re together! Be still my heart.

Speaking of Rafael, he’s suddenly inspired to be a property scout…or investment property scout? Honestly, I don’t know the official title, but he wants to find marketable properties and make money off of them. Honestly, my love for Raf does not make this current storyline any more interesting. Let’s hope it gets a bit more compelling.

Speaking of compelling, Rogelio is on the hunt for a female lead for the American Version of “The Passions of Santos”—after calling any and every pretty celeb WITHOUT FILLERS, he finally set his heart on COUSIN Eva Longoria. Yeah. Cousins. Which meant neither was too keen on romantic scenes. Now his new network is even more set on River Fields. Sounds like a real dilemma, right? Wrong. The real dilemma is how lost Xiomara is—and Rogelio isn’t paying her any attention! She ends the episode walking into a handsome dance teacher’s house. Let’s hope they’re just practicing a routine or something!

Finally, Petra was framed for Anezka’s murder and landed in jail until J.R. could bail her out. This led J.R. to confess to her shady beginnings as Petra’s lawyer. While at first, Petra wanted her disbarred, she ended up trusting J.R. enough to team up and find the person framing her. Oh, and I’m sure you can imagine, but after Petra’s dream last time, this duo’s chemistry was off the charts. As usual, Yael Grobglas can take any material she’s given and make it so meaningful, and the emotion she showed toward J.R. was no exception. She is hot and bothered!

And TBH So am I a lil bit waiting for a new Jane The Virgin every week now that the ship of dreams Jafael is together.