It has been nearly a week since
Arrow aired its Constantine crossover and I am still riding the highs from that
ride. OH. MY. GOD. It was beyond good. It was one of the most
epic crossovers I have ever seen and I’m not saying this just because I’m
hugely into Constantine but because it was such an incredibly well executed
episode (shout out to Charlie for guessing how Oliver and John knew each other
in the first place).

So the episode starts off with
Sarah still struggling with having come back from the pit and goes on a killing
spree in Star City. At first, Laurel and Thea are the only ones who know that
it’s Sara. Meanwhile, Oliver prepares for his campaign as mayor candidate when
his new strategist tells him that the only way to avoid potential skeletons out
of his closet is to distance himself from Laurel, something Oliver isn’t too
happy with but decides to give it a try.

At Palmer Technologies, Felicity
hands over the recording Ray left her to Curtis and after managing to decrypt the static
noise they find out that Ray is actually still alive and Felicity now has to
work out how to deal with it.

Meanwhile, the truth finally
comes out about Sarah when it turns out her actual target is Thea, because Thea
was the one who killed her. After a failed attempt to set a trap, using Thea as
bait, Laurel assumes the only way to save Sarah is to kill her because she no
longer has her soul but Oliver tells her there are other ways to bring it back
and decides to call an old friend of his; John Constantine.

During several flashbacks to Lian
Yu, we find out that when is about to be handed in on suspicion of treason when
he finds that his boss has captured a Mr. John Constantine and when Constantine
decides to escape he forces Oliver to take him to a location he’s been
searching for on the island. Constantine is in search of a mystical artefact
and Oliver realises that real magic actually exists in this world. When Oliver
actually saves Constantine’s life, he tells Oliver he now owes him a favour.


Source: Nerdist

Fast forward to present day,
Oliver’s called in aforementioned favour and Constantine gets the earliest
flight to Star City where he’s preparing a ritual to bring back Sarah’s soul.
In order to do so, Oliver and Laurel go with Constantine to the other side
where Sarah’s soul is being kept by dark forces and after a battle they manage
to get it back and Sarah wakes up to her normal self, much to everyone’s

At the end of the episode,
Constantine tells Oliver he’s felt the hairs of his neck stand up since he got
into town and Oliver tells him it’s probably because of their newest problem,
Damien Dhark. When Oliver asks Constantine if he’s heard of him Constantine
tells Oliver that the best way to deal with Dhark is to get out of town as fast
as they can.

Obviously, I’m aware this episode
was massively foreshadowing Legends of Tomorrow as Sarah will be in that but as
a long-time fan of the Hellblazer comics I absolutely LOVED NBC’s much too
short lived Constantine series. When I heard they were go to have a crossover
in Arrow I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait. I was admittedly a little bit
hesitant because I wasn’t sure how they were going to introduce Constantine and
magic into Arrow’s world but they did it really well. I love the backstory of
how Oliver and Constantine met on Lian Yu, it felt very natural and something
that wasn’t forced. I like that Matt Ryan kept the Constantine from the NBC
series because there were some references to events of the first season and he
was pretty much the same as the series left off. I loved the interaction with
all the other characters and especially Diggle and Felicity’s skepticism. The
way Oliver reacted to magic felt very natural – Oliver’s seen a lot of weird
things in the past five years but even with the Lazarus Pit he’s always relied
on logic to explain things. Magic is something different entirely and I love
how he was actually a bit afraid of it – that’s a side we’ve not really seen of
him so far. Though Constantine and Oliver are very different people, I still
felt their relationship as friends worked out and was incredibly believable.
The revival of Constantine into Arrow made sense to the story and it felt like
something that could actually happen. The warning about Dhark at the end made
me think we’re up for something intense because if he scares John Constantine,
someone who purposely dwells in dark magic, then he must be truly something.

Will there be a proper revival of
Constantine after this? The fans certainly hope so and so do I! As for Arrow, I
Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Memorable Quotes:

Constantine: “Oliver”

Oliver: “John.”

Constantine: “It’s been a dog’s age mate.”

Oliver: “More than. Remember that favour you owe me?”
Constantine: “Didn’t think you’d let
me forget that.”

Thea: “Now he’s a specific kind of yummy.”


Constantine: “Oliver, if I’d have known you’d be surrounded by so many pretty
girls, I’d have joined you sooner.”


Diggle: “Where did Oliver find him?”

Felicity: “I’m just glad the latest person from Oliver’s past isn’t another
gorgeous woman.”