This weeks episode was a fun watch, but their wasn’t very much to talk about. Alpha was taking Lydia back to their home. Alpha was asking for information, who took off Lydia’s mask, if the community had any trades and Lydia lied and said that they don’t have anybody they trade with. Alpha wanted to know if she had anymore information and Lydia asked if that is why she broke her own rules to save her daughter for information. It’s an obvious answer but Alpha makes a big scene about it.

Henry catches up to the group, and one Whisperer saw him and told him told him to put the stick down, Henry knocks down that person but is captured by Beta. He says that he is from The Hilltop and that he came for Lydia, she says he is stupid and punches him straight in the face. Alpha asks Lydia more questions as they continue back to camp, while Henry is Beta’s hostage. Group finally makes it back, “home” to their forest, it’s hard to see exactly how large the camp is but they have at least 100 people.

At Alexandria, the council, which doesn’t really seem like a council talk about going to the fair at The Kingdom. Michonne wants no part of it and some are upset that Michonne has veto power because of security which makes everyone else’s vote moot. After that tense time Gabriel goes back home, Rosita is there and essentially tells Gabriel that if he wants to be with her and her future child he holds the cards. He is caught up that he is not the father. Eugene later meets up with Gabriel and uses a chart and mathematics(I love this guy) to tell Gabriel that he is a straight up fool if he doesn’t stick it out with Rosita. He also gives Gabriel some stretchy waist pants to give to Rosita.


Bruh, you’re really talking about math and graphs right now? Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Elsewhere inside, Michonne and Negan have a match of wits, to be honest nothing gets resolved as Michonne sees that Judith is listening outside. At home Michonne and Judith talks, Michonne thinks Judith was spying on her, and is floored when she learns that Judith goes to talk to Negan. Judith says he is not a monster and that he actually listens to her, not everyone listens. Michonne counters he is a monster and some people don’t change, Judith says that you changed. This SHOOOOOOOK Michonne who told Judith to go to her room because she needs a minute. Kids say the darndest things.

Back outside the walls, Connie and Daryl are tracking Henry. They find Henry’s stick and both come to the same understanding that Henry caught up with the Whisperers. At the camp, a couple challenges Alpha, well the male does, and then Alpha says it was the female who really issued the challenge. She decapitates the girl and after handing her head to the ex boyfriend shanks him in the side. Sometime later, Lydia sees Henry tied to a tree and slyly shows him she is wearing the Hilltop coin necklace, he gives a sly smile. Alpha and Beta are talking, this is the first time she has been challenged in awhile and a little taken aback by it. From a distance we see that Connie and Daryl have found the camp.

Back at Alexandria, Gabriel has come to his senses and meets up with Siddiq and Rosita as they all go inside to which I assume is to catch a meal and get all on the same page. Eugene watches in a quiet approval from across the way as they figure it out. Michonne goes to see Aaron and thanks him for support at the council meeting, he says he just wishes he saw things for the truth sooner. Michonne says that she will not veto a vote to go to the Kingdom if the council approves. Next scene we see the townspeople getting wagons and supplies together for the fair that is in two days, while Michonne sits at a desk by herself looking defeated.


“Want to hear a secret? Love hurts”. Alpha is whispering secrets to her daughter Lydia. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Alpha is making Lydia kill Henry in front of everyone, she hesitates, and walkers come in and infiltrate the camp. Chaos, people being eaten, people putting their faces back on and people fleeing. Suddenly a walker whispers at Henry telling him to get ready, it’s Daryl! Henry doesn’t want to leave without Lydia, but Daryl says she has to stay, Henry insists, and when the moment is right Daryl and Connie leave, while Henry grabs Lydia to come along. Connie and Daryl shed the whisperer masks as we end this week!