Did our groups survive the obstacles and trials of this episode? Photo Credit: The 100/CW

Raven is trying to run simulations at the science lab to figure out how to fly the space ship with the fuel they have to get to space to make night blood while also not running out of fuel or dying from a crash. We learn from the commentary by Murphy that she has failed the first twenty seven flight simulations. It is taking it’s toll on her head. Murphy is in his own way trying to help keep an eye on Raven but she gets upset at him and flips out on him. Luna hears the commotion and goes to see what is happening. She goes to calm Raven down, by repeating a mantra which translates to, “I give myself to the miracle of the sea.” After repeated prompts Raven does say it and is able to calm down enough to get back to work.

The major mission of the episode follows with Clarke, Bellamy, Roan, and extras who are tasked with driving the hydrazine from Arcadia to Abby and Raven at the science station. It is the only fuel that can be used in the space ship to get into space. On the first leg of the journey they are stopped by a group from Trikru. Someone is hurt or appears to be hurt and they stop to take a look to see if they can save him. They realize they can’t and say they need to get going when one of the children get close to the truck and notice Roan inside and alerts the others. This is when they leave in a hurry but Trikru is trying to attack and fires a number of arrows as they escape. Further along the route they come to what was once a barren river bed, but however with the ice melting it has created a flowing river that can’t be crossed. Bellamy and Roan decide to take the Rover to see if they can find another way across leaving Clarke and others to watch the truck with the cargo.

Clarke and Bellamy do find a point to cross but radio back with no response. This alarms them as they think Trikru must have caught up to them. They hurry back to find everyone missing with one of the soldiers in a body bag in the water. The two of them head to where Trikru stays thinking that is the best place to intercept the truck, they get to a fork in the road with another body bag in the way. Bellamy doesn’t think they are around but Roan says he knows they are. It was a trap and the Trikru tried again to attack. Bellamy and Roan gain on the truck, Bellamy brings it close enough for Roan to jump on the back to fight off one of the soldiers, as Bellamy punches it to get in front of the truck to force it to stop, Bellamy puts a perfect shot to kill the soldier in the passenger seat that is holding Clarke hostage. Clarke is able to get the truck to stop just at the right moment before impact. The trio continue to the coast and when they are all settled waiting for the boat, Roan gets a chance to inspect the drums to see that one of the drums was hit by an arrow and lost all of it’s fuel.

Back at Arcadia Jaha is worried about all the chaos and uneasy feelings with the person who burned the Arc still being held as a hostage, tension built to the point that fighting broke out. The mob was able to die down for a brief time, but they tried to infiltrate sick bay to get to the man. Kain tried to stop everyone but Octavia let the mob in saying she got final kill on him and one of Kain’s men turned on him, zapped him with the stick so the prisoner could be captured by the mob.

The mob takes the man outside, it was very reminiscent of Octavia taking the role as Pike, and the prisoner being switched for Lincoln. The act that Octavia hated so much was the act she was going to execute herself. Kain is trying to reason with her which is not happening, Jaha comes out and sends a nod to Kain and rings the alarm for black rain getting everyone inside. After convincing, and Octavia fighting her own mind, she can’t bring herself to pull the trigger and ends up running off on her own despite the pleas to stop because of the black rain. Jaha releases the prisoner and said he is free to go. Kain asked why he would do that, which Jaha said to go and try to save his people, the same thing we are trying to do here.

Back at the space station Raven is still just trying to do everything by herself at 100% speed. Luna attempts to get Raven to meditate again but Raven doesn’t listen at all. Murphy tries to interject and help but Raven doesn’t want to listen to Murphy at all. Raven is upset that the simulation continues to crash during the landing where they can’t walk away. Luna says so they should swim away and land in the water. Raven says that is it and tries another simulation that doesn’t work. Murphy tells Raven to forget about the computer, switch it off and fly it yourself. Raven thinks about it and shuts off the automatic option and goes to give it a try, not before thanking Murphy.

Without truly knowing how many passes Raven might have had to land a successful run, she is finally able to with the amount of fuel they were supposed to have but just barely. Raven is very excited and goes to tell Murphy and Luna she finally did it, but they tell her they just got off the con with Clarke telling them the bad news about losing a barrel. Raven is unable to handle the news safely and starts twitching and foaming at the mouth as they go to get Abby to help Raven.

Next week, we see black rain and the damage that causes, as Abby has to make a decision about exposing someone to the poison rain in hopes they can find a cure for the guinea pig.