Fear the Walking Dead is filming currently, and they are in the news for perhaps the wrong reasons, but it also might be a calculated play by AMC.

So if you somehow have been able to not see, congrats to you, and why in the world are you here? Austin Amelio, who plays Dwight on Fear the Walking Dead posted on his Instagram page this picture.


Dwight and Sherry posted on actor Austin Amelio’s Instagram page. Photo Credit: Austin Amelio on Instagram

Dwight, and later Fear the Walking Dead confirms the character Sherry crossing over to Fear the Walking Dead from the flagship Walking Dead. The question, of course, is in what capacity? Is this a flashback, or is this current?

Christine Evangelista was doing Broadway work, but her character has been recast for the rest of the run, so does this mean that the character will be back for a prolonged run?

One of the biggest speculations is that Sherry ends up saving Morgan from death at the end of last season’s finale. This obviously pushes that narrative forward. Is this the reality, is this a flashback, or is Fear the Walking Dead hearing what all the speculation is and wanted to make sure this picture got out to set up a swerve? Only time will tell, but I am happy to see Sherry return.