Midnight Texas

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So last week Fiji found out that Bobo’s life is in danger because a curse on her family. As long as Bobo loves Fiji he is a dead man walking. After Fiji ended it with Bobo he refused to be set aside. Fiji put a tincture in his coffee to make him forget her. Unfortunately he loves her so much that when they were reintroduced, he fell in love with her again.

Meanwhile, a woman was found in the Midnight church with a baby but the woman was dead and the baby was alive and growing fast. The woman was looking for Rev. The child was growing at an incredible rate. They had to find out what was going on because the child, Mary, is being hunted. Her mother was obviously a prisoner.

Olivia must face some of her own demons about family. Lem brings Mary into their home to watch over her as the others look for answers. Olivia has no idea what to do with a child but becomes attached anyway. Turns out Mary is a weretiger which explains her accelerated growth. Mary’s grandmother comes looking for her daughter and finds Mary. She takes in the information about the fate of her daughter and the truth of her grandchild. Olivia thinks something is off. She ain’t wrong.

Midnight, Texas

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On another note, something seems to be simmering with Manny and Patience. Kai is out of town and she feels ignored. Manny is a free agent since Creek broke up with him and moved away.

What is going to happen with Mary? How is Fiji going to save Bobo? Remember Midnight, Texas airs on Friday’s at 9 pm on NBC. What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below. Till next week…