QUESTION: Alt. ‘verse Guardians of the Galaxy (2014 film) scenario: Drax quickly killed Gamora. He killed the woman who had associated with Ronan. The man who had killed his family long ago. How different would the events that took place in the GotG movie be now that Gamora’s dead?

Well, we wouldn’t have the “Most Dangerous Woman in the Universe”, and that’s not cool!

From a story standpoint, I think things would go fairly well for most of the characters – although they definitely wouldn’t be as interesting.

Let’s say Peter was unable to convince Drax to spare Gamora in the Kyln. Much like Gamora’s, Drax’s story would pretty much end there. Whoever wins the fight is never getting out of this super-prison after murdering their fellow inmate. Drax is never avenging his family and Gamora is never killing hers. Luckily, Peter, Rocket and Groot can probably figure out a way to escape in their ship the Milano without them. Hell, we could even replace them with Adam Warlock and Phyla-Vell, two original teammates from the comics.

There are three ways this could go, so take your pick:

– The Guardians go to Knowhere to meet the Collector, using information provided by one of their new companions. There is no drunken Drax to alert Ronan to the Orb’s whereabouts, so they beat him there. They get the orb and keep it safe. This is the boring ending.

– The Guardians go to Knowhere, and a drunken Phyla-Vell signals Ronan to fight – he did murder her lover (and Drax’s daughter) Moondragon, after all. This scenario would play out fairly similarly to the rest of the movie – unless Phyla or Adam kick Ronan’s ass then and there with their insane cosmic powers.

…and my personal favorite:

– The Guardians don’t immediately go to Knowhere, wandering looking for the Orb aimlessly; The Collector was Gamora’s contact, and they have no idea who he is or where to find him. Ronan eventually learns of the Orb’s whereabouts, and takes it by force. Ronan wins,  Xandar is destroyed and the Nova Corps are decimated – all except the injured Rhomann Dey, who makes his way to Earth. As his dying act, he bestows the full Nova Force to a young Earthling teenager: Richard Rider.

Doesn’t work out well for the Guardians or for the galaxy as a whole, but I’m willing to make that trade-off for a little Nova. – Jesse

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