Source: Reddit

It seems that the Fantastic Four reboot has been flooded by bad internet press. We have gotten rumors from Josh Trank showing up on set high to how the film had to be reshot at the hands of Matthew Vaughn. Now Im not one to jump the rumor train but I have my concern. Trank and his Star Wars project have went their separate ways which to me s a big red flag. Then we got Max Landis tweeting the word “Karma” about this which doesn’t seem to good.Now why would Disney cut off Trank after they announced him for the project? Why would Max Lanids tweet that? and are the reshoots a sign of trouble behind the camera? From what I read, I think Josh Trank might have pulled a “Ed Norton” in the sense he wasnt easy to work with or listen to the studio. I think they had their vision in mind for the Frantastic reboot and Josh had his. So problems start to happen and someone some where told the heads of Disney what they were buying when they sign on Trank for a Star Wars spin off film. Which lead them to re considered Trank directing the spin off film. While Fox wasnt too excited of their reboot film they called Matthew Vaugh who they have a great relationship with to give the film more of a “First Class” charm to it. I dont think Fox has lost hope in the film or in Trank but they just had different type of films in ind for this reboot. However it will be interested to see what the final product will look like and if Trank will return for the squeal.