Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2 24

Thanos to crush someone. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

It’s about time.

Marvel fans all over the world have been going crazy over the lack of a new trailer, something that has been due for awhile now. The time is finally here, and it was glorious. I’d have to think that at this point you’ve already seen it, but go head and watch it again before we break it down shot by shot.

Well, let’s jump into it!

  • Ominous shot of the NYC skyline.  What’s that red object in the sky?  Seems to have a trial behind it. Is it the ringed object/ship that we’ve seen?
  • Natasha, Bruce, and Rhodey all looking up.  Possibly the beginning of the Wakandan invasion?
  • The Sanctum Sanctorum!
  • Shot from the first trailer of the Space Stone being put into its place on the gauntlet.
  • Gamara’s dialogue is referencing the famous moment with Thanos in the comics.  With a fully assembled gauntlet, he snaps his fingers and wipes out half of the universe. Here’s to hoping we get to see that moment!
  • Shot of Tony asking for Thanos’ name again. The trailer is edited to make it seem like he is in a conversation with Gamora.  In reality, Tony is in an entirely different place. My bet is that he is in the Sanctum Sanctorum, talking to Bruce Banner. Bruce has presumably seen Thanos’ power since he was last seen on the Asgardian ship—which we know from the trailer doesn’t end so well.
  • Gamora says his name.  She is likely talking to Thor, who we know gets picked up by The Guardians. Likely after the big incident on the Asgardian Ship.
  • Money shot of Thanos in some of his armor as he takes off his helmet.  If you look closely he only has the Power Stone in place. So this is probably the scene where he gets the Tesseract.
  • Peter somehow made it out of the school bus without being seen! He suits up. We see him swing off towards the ring.
Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2 3

Iron Man boosting to the mysterious object. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

  • We see Iron Man pursuing this ringed object, which may be more like a ship than an object/device. His legs take form into a massive rocket to boost him higher into the atmosphere.
  • Doctor Strange casting a spell, using the Eye Of Agamotto/Time Stone. What is he doing?  Maybe he’s just cleaning up the mess that Bruce made when he landed.
  • “We have what Thanos wants. So that’s what we use.” Tony’s speech possibly indicates his participation in the Wakandan defense.  That, or it refers to his plan on Titan (the orange planet we’ve been seeing).
  • Vision and Scarlett Witch in Wakanda.
  • Nice shot of Wakanda. The team lands as Steve and Natasha come to greet T’Challa and Okoye. Also seen trailing behind are Rhodey, Bruce, Sam, Wanda, and Vision.
  • Shuri holding a hologram of Vision’s head.  You can see Vision lying on the table beneath her just as the shot pans up. Is Shuri potentially helping to remove the gem from Vision’s forehead to save his life?
  • Shot of the Guardians walking down the stairs of either their ship or someone else’s.  Hard to tell.
  • We get our first dose of Guardian and Avenger banter! Peter critiques Tony’s plan as Drax and Peter watch.
  • The Wakandan forces are flying out to confront the invasion force.
  • T’Challa and Steve looking onwards. Natasha and Bucky are in a different vehicle.
  • The Hulkbuster Mark 2 takes position as Falcon and (probably) War Machine take flight over head.  This shot really makes this Mark 2 look fantastic.
  • Shot of Thor’s cape. We get a look at Rocket and Groot looking onwards as Thor is doing something.  If you look at Thor’s hand when he summons lightning, you can see that it is clearly positioned as if were holding something.  It would seem that Marvel likely edited out his new weapon Stormbreaker. This will probably be the location where Thor receives it.
Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2 12

Thor summoning lightning to his edited out weapon. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

  • That Ring crashing into structures on a different planet.  It was confirmed recently via EW and Marvel that this planet is in fact Titan.
  • A fully armored Thanos with a younger Gamora.  It would seem that we will be getting a flashback to dive into their history.
  • A shot of Thanos and Gamora walking away, with Chitauri armed forces on both sides.  If you look closely, you can also see more of Gamora’s race cowering on the other side of the Chitauri.
  • Thanos holding and crushing Thor’s head. From his armored appearance, this seems to be earlier in the film.  Potentially when he arrives to get the Tesseract on the Asgardian Ship.
  • Our first shot of the Black Order! Or as the MCU would say, the Children of Thanos. Proxima Midnight has her spear pointed at Loki’s head.  Are Thor’s screams related to this scene?
  • In Thanos’ VO, he explains his motivations.  He also tries to make it sound less horrible.  Hey, don’t worry about it, but half of you guys will still exist when I’m done!
  • Thanos crushes the Tesseract.
  • Bucky and Steve preparing for Battle. On the shot of Steve, you can slightly make out the top of Vision’s head behind him.
  • Black Panther helmets up.
  • The Wakandan front line watches as their defense shield gets attacked.
  • Doctor Strange on Titan casting platforms for Quill to jump to and from. If you pause at the show at 1:34, you can make out Doctor Strange flying and battling in the distance.
Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2 20

Star-Lord firing at an unknown target. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

  • Quill fires his gun upside down.
  • Scarlet Witch looks up at something.  The IMAX ratio version of the trailer reveals that just below her is Proxima Midnight’s spear.
  • Doctor Strange being tortured by Ebony Maw. Next, we get a great shot of Ebony Maw silencing someone off screen. Now these two shots may or may not be in the same location.  It’s hard to tell, as the second could also be earlier with Loki.
  • Another shot of the front line of the Wakandan defense.  The Outriders have broken through, and you can see the Wakandan Army (including Falcon and Hulkbuster) starting to retaliate.
  • The Hulkbuster being taken down by a crowd of Outriders.  Could this be the moment that people have speculated where Hulk busts out of the armor?
  • Another money shot of Thanos taunting someone off screen.  “I hope they remember you.”
  • A similar shot from the first trailer of Tony looking defeated.  You can see more of his damaged armor.
  • Thanos jumping to attack someone.
  • Probably the best moment of the trailer.  The big Cap Vs. Thanos moment, one of my personal favorites from the comics. You can see how much Cap is fighting, and how confused Thanos is at his strength.  It would seem that Thanos himself isn’t putting all of his strength into it. You can see not only his confusion, but amused curiosity.
  • Now people have questioned how Cap could take a punch from Thanos like this.  If you look, it clearly is not a punch. It almost seems like Thanos was reaching for Cap, as if to simply brush him away.
Avengers Infinity War Trailer 2 25

Steve Roger taking a stand against a bully. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

  • Theory time: Marvel edited stones out of the Gauntlet seen in this scene.  He gets those first two at the beginning of the film. I’d have to assume that by the third act in Wakanda, he will have more than just the Space and Power Stones.
  • Another observation: Cap does not have the cuts/battle wounds in this scene that he does in the big charging shot of our crew.
  • Some great Spider and Strange banter!
  • Great shot of Spider swinging through debris on Titan.  If you look closely you can see that Spidey is dodging the debris from Thanos’ Moon Throw (which was a scene in the SDCC footage, and pictured recently by EW).

For me the biggest moments were certainly the reference to the snap, and Cap going up against Thanos. Two huge moments that were at the top of my list to see in one of these two upcoming Avengers films.

I already have four viewings planned opening weekend, so you could say that I’m excited. How about you guys? What are your thoughts on the trailer? Make sure to leave your reactions down below in the comments!


Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters worldwide on April 27th, 2018.