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We’re at the home stretch to the end of Season 6 😭, but we’ve been getting a lot of new episode titles and summaries. Along with some pictures. Here’s what we have to look forward to…

S6E19 (Socalyalcon Vi):

When Reagan returns home from a work trip, Jess is concerned that she has been spending too much time being Nick’s “girlfriend.” Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece obsess over security in their new home and Aly reveals an embarrassing secret to Winston.


S6E20 (Misery):

Jess avoids her feelings for Nick by taking care of her dad (guest star Rob Reiner) in Portland. While attending a work party with Reagan, Nick panics that they really don’t know each other. Meanwhile, Aly prepares to meet Winston’s mom (guest star Anna Maria Horsford) for the first time, as Winston admits he hasn’t told her they are cops.


S6E21 (San Diego):

As Jess continues to stay with her dad (guest star Rob Reiner) in Portland, they unexpectedly help one another with their love lives. Meanwhile, Nick turns to a reluctant Aly for help with his relationship with Reagan, and Schmidt contemplates using his first name.

No pictures yet, but will we finally find out Schmidt’s first name?!

S6E22 (Five Stars for Beezus?):

No further news, so we’re still stuck looking at this spoiler, which we thought was the finale.

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