Marcos’s Thoughts On “Wrath Of Savitar”


Savitar returns in a darker than usual episode of The Flash. We saw a glimpse of his return or very least his present in the previous episode. Very early on this episode, we jump into Wally West’s mind state of him seeing Savitar in his head. I thought it was clever for Wally to say that he has been dealing with his sightings for about a week. It makes Savitar first violence interaction with Wally a slow burn. We also deal with a slot of “truths” in this epsiode which really mad for a darker and stronger episode. Iris finds out the real reason why Barry asked her to marry him and Barry;s history with Savitar. We also learn its Caitlyn who is set to betray the team. However, I think the biggest moment was how the Flashpoint was helpful and important to Savitar escape.I absolutely love how Barry single mistake will continue to come back and haunt him. This episode carried itself with an “Empire Strikes Back” vibe to it and got me hooked on how Barry will save Wally.

I also enjoyed seeing Julian used as a genie pig for team flash and all the moments of Savitar talking to the team. I find this episode was very well done and one of the stronger ones since the return of the mid-season break


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