The 100 is on a quick break this week but it received some fantastic news! The 100 has been picked up for season 5 by the CW!


Let me hear you cheer! Photo Credit: The 100/CW

This will get you thinking though, does Clarke and company find a way to survive the oncoming nuclear storms? I can’t see them dragging this out for another season, but perhaps they do. If they survive the storm what other big evil could be thrown at them? Unless they are forced to go back into space and we see the challenges that go with that?

We do know that this upcoming week an important mission is needed with the loss of Arkadia. Hydrazine has to be driven to Becca’s island in a last ditch attempt to save the human race. However it is going to be a long drive, where a wrong turn or wrong bump could lead to an explosion, also throw in the possibility of an attack this is a very dangerous mission. We also have to keep an eye on Raven after her head trauma, specially with all the important work she has to do.