Episode Synopsis:

When Jess worries that she may not be a cool enough principal, she recruits Nick and “The Pepperwood Chronicles” to help make her popular with the students. Meanwhile, Schmidt hires an eager and overly-aggressive new assistant and Winston realizes that Furguson may be two-timing him.

Principal Jess 

We finally get to see Jess live her dreams as principal, but it definitely didn’t live up to her expectations at first. Jess is known to be loving and wanting to make friends, so it makes sense that she wants to try to be friends with her students, and not seen as an authority figure. Unfortunately, she learns that you have to have enough authority, so that your school doesn’t go out of control. That’s where Nick comes in. I love that Nick’s book is getting more recognition. But it seems like it’s not men at sea, who are loving his book; it’s more teenage girls. First off, we had the girl at his reading, and now we have the three girls at Jess’s school, who are obsessed with the book. It also seems to me, like teenage girls are always falling in love with Nick. I wonder why? Anyway, it was nice that Nick agreed to come to Jess’s school, to make her seem cool. But like always, things were taken too far, and Nick went a little overboard, getting opinions from all the students. Jess of course lost all control of her students, so she had to make some sudden changes. She put her big girl pants on, and became the principal that had control. I was glad the girls talked to Jess the next day, and apologized, and it was nice to see that in some ways, Nick helped Jess gain some cool points at school, and in return, Jess helped Nick get rid of his writers block. It was a win-win for both, and that brings us another step closer as to why they are great for each other. Lastly, I just have to bring up that scene, where Nick tells the girls that he used to date Jess. The look on Jess’s face when Nick said they were in love and everything, was priceless. She looked so uncomfortable, but you could tell, that she didn’t know how to react because of course, she’s still in love with him. Sadly, Nick still doesn’t know that.

New assistant

Schmidt decided that he was going to hire an assistant, and things couldn’t have gone more wrong. He was so keen on hiring someone who would do whatever he wanted, that he didn’t realize that he hired the one person that would go above and WAY beyond. It’s interesting seeing Schmidt in a higher position and more in control, and I’m liking it. Sadly, we couldn’t see him making progress at his job because his assistant did everything for him. He’s pretty much a robot, that can mind read. Thankfully, they sorted out their problem, and agreed that together, they would make sure that Schmidt progressed at his job, and would eventually reach the top. I’m just wondering now, if we’re going to be seeing Schmidt’s assistant more often now, or if this was a one time thing. I guess it would be funny if Schmidt randomly found more things he needed waiting for him at the loft.

Last mess around

Cece and Winston were attempting to pack things up for the big move to Cece and Schmidt’s new house, but things got messy, when they discovered that Ferguson was living in two places at once. We got to witness a seriously crazy cat lady, and I don’t know how to feel about it. It was a kind of a weird storyline, but it had its funny moments. Like any pet owner, we tend to worship them a little too much, but I think Winston takes it to the next level. Him and Cece try hard to win all of Ferguson’s love; by showing him pictures of all the good times he had with Winston, and in a final showdown of who Ferguson loved the most, he actually picked Winston! Sadly, Winston knew that Ferguson was “depressed,” and wanted to go back to his other home. At first, I was actually sad to see Winston open the door, and let Ferguson go back to his other home for good, but I guess Ferguson changed his mind. Or at least we thought so, since Schmidt’s assistant found him in the hallway. Even though Winston was willing to let go of Ferguson for good, the show wouldn’t be the same, without him.