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This post contains Major Spoilers for episode 1×06 of Black Lightning, “Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder.”

This weeks episode starts off exactly where we left off at the end of the last episode with Black Lightning laying helpless on the ground after having a migraine and getting punched out by Joey Toledo. Gambi is there for the rescue, however the Freeland Police Department is on the hunt for Black Lightning. Gambi calls Lynn to have him look at Jefferson’s injuries.

Meanwhile, Joey Toledo limps into Tobias Church’s place, he told him he was a minute away from killing Black Lightning. Tobias asks him why he didn’t finish him and chokes him and throws him to the ground. Toledo tells Church he tipped the location of Black Lightning to the police.

At Gambi’s, Lynn check’s Jefferson’s brain for what has been causing his migraines. The scans show that his brain had been bleeding but the bleeding had gone away due to his powers. While his powers allow him to recover quickly, he doesn’t recover as well anymore due to his older age. Lynn is frustrated that she’s being brought back into this whole Black Lightning mess again.

Anissa and a group of protesters deface an old Civil War statue using fake guns and Anissa get’s arrested. Jefferson is again pissed at Anissa and tells her the fake guns could have been the end of her. Later, Anissa and Jennifer have a chat at home. Jennifer wanted to have the whole boyfriend experience in High School with Khalil (prom, dancing, etc.) but she feels like all she’ll be able to do is watch from the sidelines because of his injuries. She’s conflicted because she loves him but she’ll never be able to do the things she wants to be able to do with him.

Back at Gambi’s, Black Lightning is testing his powers, he believes his powers are sort of like a drug. Gambi tells him that the resistance in his suit was too high and it was causing feedback and that feedback is what was causing his migraines. After a chat with Gambi about Toledo and Tobias Church, Black Lightning feels like Gambi doesn’t want him to take out Tobias.

Gambi breaks into the research facility where Lynn works and tells her that he’s worried Jefferson may be crossing a line, he thinks Lynn is the only one that can help him. Anissa then stops by the facility Lynn works at to have her look over the box of files she recovered on her grandfather in the last episode.

After searching for health issues in Albino’s, Jefferson suits up and goes to a doctor who specialized in treating Albino’s. As he arrives, Jefferson cut’s the video connection so Gambi cannot watch. The doctor has been treating Tobias Whale and Black Lightning believes he can save him and get him out from under Tobias’ thumb.

At school, Jefferson learns of Khalil’s betrayal and cyber-bullying towards Jennifer. As he goes to check on her, she’s not in class. Eventually he finds her in the fitness room and has a chat with her about “crabs in a barrel.” He tells her that “sometimes when one black person gets ahead, another feels like it ruins their chances, so they lash out.” Jefferson tells her it could be the pain talking, not the person, or the pain could be revealing who he is when things don’t go his way. Anissa goes to talk to Khalil but he believes its all Jennifer’s fault for making him go to the march in the first place. He feels like he did everything he was supposed to do, go to church, not do drugs, do good in school, and this is what he gets for doing all that. He lashes out on her and Jennifer leaves.

At the civil war statue from before, Anissa dresses up in costume and uses her powers to destroy the statue after one of the protesters was killed by a white nationalist. Anissa calls Lynn and tells her she wants to show her why she needs the research. Gambi then calls Lynn to tell her to get involved because Jefferson (Black Lightning) is about to kill someone.

In a flashback scene, Jefferson watches under his bed while Tobias presumably kills his father. In the present, Black Lightning finds Tobias and is about to kill him before Lynn calls him and gets real with him about accepting him as Black Lightning and as Jefferson Pierce. Lynn reminds him he’s a hero and not a murderer. Black Lightning stops but someone is coming for Lynn.

Anissa (As Thunder) stops the bad guys before Black Lightning gets there. Black Lightning shoots Anissa down first but Anissa gets up and turns the tide in her favor before Black Lightning knocks her down for good, eventually realizing that the girl is his daughter Anissa.

Gambi, Anissa, Lynn, and Jefferson drive away with Anissa knocked out in the car due to a concussion Jefferson gave her. Tobias drives around with Khalil asking him if he’s a sheep or a wolf. Khalil doesn’t really know what he is because he can’t walk. Tobias makes a promise to him that he will walk and have great power.

Gambi meets with Evelyn (Lady Eve), revealing a long history between each other. Years ago, Lady Eve and Gambi made a deal involving the Pierce family but Gambi believes she broke the agreement. Lady Eve tells him that Lynn Stewart is highly capable and has been doing research that’s “off-limits.” Lady Eve threatens Gambi, and Gambi tells her that he could have outed Tobias but he hasn’t. Lady Eve says if Tobias’ “dirty laundry” gets out, so will Gambi’s.

In the last scene of the episode, Anissa wakes up to find her father Jefferson, as Black Lightning.



Black Lightning came back this week with one of the best episodes of the season so far. While Black Panther has been getting all the accolades at the box office while Black Lightning has been on break, Black Lightning reminded us why it’s one of the top superhero shows on TV at the moment.

This was a big week for Gambi. We learned about his history with Lady Eve and Tobias Church and it looks like Gambi is at-least partly responsible for Tobias being alive currently. Gambi has been getting more to do over the last few weeks and it looks like Gambi is more connected to the 100, Lady Eve and Tobias then we’ve been realizing.

Jennifer has gotten the short end of the stick in most of the episodes I feel like, but even with limited screen time this week were starting to get somewhere with the whole Khalil-Jennifer relationship and why it’s important to show. Tobias has turned Khalil against Jennifer and has promised to let him walk again, which will drive the wedge further between the two. While we aren’t sure yet if Khalil will come back with powers, it’s looking likely. While Jennifer could be more fleshed out as a character, I think the writers have done a good job of not giving us too much of the teen-relationship drama were used to in CW shows. In this case, a little has gone a long way.

While every episode has featured a show-down of sort at the end of the episode, this week’s showdown between Black Lightning and Thunder was one of the best. Black Lightning has done a good job of getting to the point and not dragging on plot points that we know are eventually going to happen. While they easily could have let Thunder get away, dragging out the reveal another few episodes, we now can get moving on that front for the rest of the season.

Its crazy it’s only been 6 episodes so far, I feel like I’ve already gotten to know these characters really well so far, which is a good sign for the show. The show has taken its time at parts, but it’s done a good job of taking a character other than Jefferson each week and fleshing them out more. While next weeks episode marks the half-way point of the season, i’m excited where Black Lightning will take us the rest of the season.