Oliver and Felicity are trying to get things back together slowly, Oliver is going to go to dinner with Felicity for his birthday. Oliver is going to go pickup Felicity at her house when he sees the door open, he goes in slowly to find out it is a surprise birthday party and he ends up checking Curtis thinking he was an intruder. Curtis is trying to track down Dyna as he has been working on something to help with the canary cry and also stop any interference that someone might have for it. Rene is still missing in action and hasn’t shown up at the party yet. Oliver and Felicity are given some time together, they talk about what they will do with “Summer Vacation” now that Adrian Chase has been captured, everyone else has plans, they say they might hang out together but Oliver really needs to go and get some new socks.

With the party ended, and Dyna never showing up after he shift, Curtis goes to Dyna’s apartment to look for her and to show her the new tech he worked up for her. The apartment was broken into and looks like she was robbed so Curtis goes in to investigate, he goes in and calls out for Dyna, which I always feel is a bad idea of you are investigating something sketchy. With him calling out it quickly alerted whoever was inside and he gets knocked and dragged out of the apartment from behind. With Dyna, and Curtis also gone, the rest of Team Arrow is starting to realize that Rene didn’t go rogue on his own on purpose missing the hearing for custody of his daughter. Oliver insists that Thea and Lance get moved to a safe house as they are likely the next targets, the safe house was compromised and the guards were murdered.

Black Siren, who looks like Laurel, escaped from her cell at Argus, Adrian Chase found a way to get her out. Lance sees what looks like Laurel and drops his guard. Lance swears that is his daughter, like what happened with Sarah, Thea tells Lance that is not Laurel and to keep aware. However Artemis makes her return and shoots Thea in the neck with a dart, followed by Lance which makes them both pass out. Lance and Thea are held captive in a storage unit or a truck, Black Siren tells Lance that it was hard to see him, but she has word from Chase that Lance won’t be hurt in this whole situation. Lance is all sorts of confused, Thea tells Lance that Laurel is like Laurel, and looks like Laurel, but is her version from another Earth.

Oliver wants Diggle and Felicity to leave the city as well. They don’t want to but Oliver believes it’s the best play so they head out of town. Oliver goes to talk to Adrian who seems to have no care at all in the world. It is obvious that Adrian has control of the situation from the inside. While leaving Felicity and Diggle are feeling that this is the wrong move leaving Oliver alone and vulnerable, while he is at the headquarters someone comes from behind which is Malcolm Merlin who tells Oliver he wants to protect his daughter over everything. Felicity and Diggles premonition is correct as someone with two swords is in front of them and stabs the car causing it to crash. When they get out of the car they are surrounded and captured.

Adrian Chase is getting moved, Oliver goes to tell Adrian that he doesn’t control him anymore. Adrian, still as cool as the other side of the pillow tells Oliver he is about to get a phone call and walks away. Sure enough the phone rings and it is Oliver’s son, William, who is on a video call asking for help! Knowing that he needs to get to Adrian to find his son he fights the officers to get to Adrian with Malcolm’s help. Adrian is making a play for the helicopter but Oliver is able to stop him but Chase says that he won’t release William until he is 100% safe. Oliver has to let Adrian go, reluctantly.

Oliver realizes that he will need help to confront Adrian, and knows where his friends are being captive, he already has Malcolm’s help, he also reaches out to his wife, Nyssa Al Ghul! Malcolm is PISSED and refuses to work with her, until Oliver says that he said he would do anything to save his daughter Thea. They all reluctantly agree to work together, but Oliver has to go and find someone else. Oliver heads to A.R.G.U.S. to get someone else out, and HOLY FUCK IT’S DEATHSTROKE!

I am seriously freaking out over here, I’m glad to see some of our favorite characters return, and I hope it kicks some life back into things, Deathstroke has always been one of my favorite characters on this show.