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The Magicians: The Flying Forest (AKA the Flying Filler Episode)

So the big battle is over and episode four left us a little lacking for content, but it kept the humor coming. At this point the majority of the series seems to be filler episodes leading to perfectly executed big bangs–but these in  between moments are where the actors really shine and the writers get to flex.

The humor amps up with Penny and Quentin’s “Quest” for the Questing Beast White Lady (played by Emma Dumont who deserves a MASSIVE shout out) while playing on the drug laced atmosphere of the Flying Fortress and the constant game of hot potato with Penny’s hands.

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We all get to be universally disappointed in Eliot for cheating on his wife with another man (but the idea that the flip-flop between the pretty girl and pretty boy would phase him was laughable)

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The best moment for us was Margo and Julia’s argument that hit home for both characters and was done well by the actresses.

gif both courtesy of kadywicker tumblr

gif both courtesy of kadywicker Tumblr


Oh yeah, Kady is back in case anyone cares (they don’t)

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