“Hey Thea, I told you I clean up well.” What Rene should have said. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

An unknown man has a bag full of guns, with the bag saying Forefather Repairs. Obviously this can’t be good, at city hall we see that Rene got through to Lance and has been promoted to be the new deputy Mayor’s assistant. Lance heads out to take care of some business and he passes the guy in the elevator. The shooter goes up and shoots city hall, kills innocent people, he has a chance to shoot Oliver Queen the mayor but doesn’t on purpose. Rene has a gun on him which he isn’t supposed to have and shoots him in the chest a few times but he is unfazed because he was wearing a bullet proof vest. The district attorney was shot, five people were dead and twenty four injured.

The shooter had dropped a gun and Arrow used that to try to dig deep in the crime organization to find out who owned the gun. The same type of gun was used by a number of thugs.

Felicity is able to run intel enough to find out who the gunman was, who is a relative nobody in the crime world. He is an average 44 year old analyst James Edlyn. Oliver has to realize that this is a fight he can’t win as Green Arrow that he needs to do it as Mayor Oliver Queen. With some extra research on James they find out that he lost his family by a gunman and he believes that if a gun registry was made it would ease tension in the streets especially after all the murders at city hall.

Rene and Curtis find and investigate Edlyn’s place and found that he had a floor map for his next target, which Rene recognizes as Sterling Gneral hospital. Oliver is trying to get a new bill passed for the gun registry when he gets the call where James will be. Oliver goes to the hospital as the Mayor and is able to talk to James and get him to not shoot the hospital and to tell him that he is working on a gun registry to make things safer and James does back down.

Curtis and Rene have been having a friendly disagreement on the issue of guns and gun registry, Rene reveals that if he had his gun his wife would have still been alive. I didn’t realize that he had a wife and that he has a child! In his past he was a junkie along with his life, he cleaned himself up and his wife couldn’t seem to break free. Part of the agreement between him and his wife was that he kept his gun locked up in the safe at the house. Rene and his kid went to a show while she stayed to get high. When they returned an intruder was in the house who was trying to get the money she owed him for his last high for $500. He went to get “money” out of the safe which was really his gun, in the struggle she was shot and killed by the gunman. With that incident Rene’s daughter was put up in a foster home as Rene decided he was going to fight crime as Wild Dog as he lost his way. After the hospital attack Curtis talked to Rene and apologized for what he went through and said he talked with a lawyer and that he should get his daughter back.

On another smaller side story, John Diggle kept working with Dina Drake to get her some confidence and desire to get back out in the world. He helped nudge her along to get an apartment, and she went as far as to apply and get a job as a Starling City Police Officer so she is finding her way.