Dr. Bellshaw is testing on a soldier from the Civic Republic Military, about to inject him with trial 6.0. The Bennett’s figure out that the CRM used chlorine to kill everyone back home, well at least that was a part of the gas mixture they used, Dr. Bennett decides to keep the sample to further run tests in the attempt to find what else was used. Jadis started investigating Silas, Dennis comes and picks up Silas from lockup, who said he was just lost. Later that night Dr. Bennett is looking into chemical warfare when a frantic knock on the door happens.

At the door is a panicked Dr. Bellshaw, she says that they have to hurry, they are coming to take him in for questioning. He knows that he, or the girls, or Felix took the vial from the lab, she doesn’t know how but knows that they did. Sure enough a knock does happen shortly after, Bellshaw asks to hide and wants him to say she was an hour late for dinner that night. Dr. Bennett is taken by soldiers, Felix insists that he goes too as the security detail so he is also detained. Felix tells Iris to tell her sister what is going on. Iris goes to look for Hope, while Percy goes to look for Huck.

Hope is back at the apartment with Dr. Bellshaw. Bellshaw tells Iris she needs the vial and she will answer whatever questions they have and she will show them what she has been working on. She brings them to her secret lab that nobody is supposed to know about. She tells the pair that she studies reanimation, but to do it she needs to watch what happens while someone dies. She continues that most were bit on the outside and were going to die anyways, while Iris hangs on the word most. She shows a video of a walker and a rat, and says that eventually the rat will get tired but the dead never does, the world isn’t safe as long as they are in the world.

Hope wants to know about Omaha and Bellshaw says she was working on something that could delay the process but needed a lot more tests subjects and they were also told they were apart of a secret project that was critical to the human race so their stuff was used in the field. Bellshaw said that her colleague was going to blow the whistle so they made sure he never could, turns out he is the walker in the video. Bellshaw said that if she said no to killing the 100,000 people in Omaha she would have died too. Hope tells Bellshaw where the hidden vial is.

Annet Mahendru as Huck, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Jadis and Huck are interrogating Dr. Bennett, he goes along with Dr. Bellshaw’s wishes and says that she was an hour late to dinner. Back at Dr. Bellshaw’s office, hope and Iris are about to leave when they see soldiers outside the office door. Jadis thinks, after listening to the stories of both Doctors that she has figured out what happened, so soldiers storm into Bellshaw’s office. Hope and Iris go and hide amongst the caged walkers. The soldiers are called off before they find the girls because Bellshaw has been located and the search was called off. She returned the missing vial to Jadis.

She sang like a songbird though! She said that the vial was stolen by Dr. Bennett, his daughters, and his security detail. She says they were suspicious that she was apart of classified experiments. She says that they can’t kill him though, he is to valuable, he can help with project Votus. Huck asks what is project Votus, while Jadis tells Bellshaw to not say another word, but Bellshaw keeps singing and talks about her reanimation experiments. She says she is on the verge of a breakthrough and they need him to be apart of this project, willingly. Jadis lets everyone go after Dr. Bennett says he will willingly work on the project.

The ladies are going to go back and look at Dr. Bellshaw’s test subject, who hasn’t reanimated for close to 8 hours, which is the reason Bellshaw thought she was on the verge of a breakthrough. Huck is shocked to know her mom knows about this project, when her and General Biel started this project 8 years ago. when they get back the test subject has reanimated, with the current timer at 7 hours and 48 minutes. Jadis tells Bellshaw that Dr. Bennett will not be helping her. Jadis has Huck remove the walkers restraints, and says that she has already pointed out her successor and the better bet, because he has two daughters as pressure points. They lock the walker and Dr. Bellshaw in a room together, with Jadis saying the rat will eventually get tired, she couldn’t have said it any better herself, which is a callback to let us know she was listening to conversations in the facility.

Natalie Gold as Lyla, Annet Mahendru as Huck, Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Steve Swisher/AMC

Dr. Bellshaw has no walker killing skills and is caught, and bit pretty quickly. Jadis tells Huck, that another tragic accident, these things happen. Jadis and Huck said it was obvious she was covering for him, but Jadis said they were able to get her replacement so it was a productive day, she wants Huck to be properly informed about what is going on. She tells Huck that Omaha and Campus Colonies was apart of a tactical program, and what is next won’t be easy but it will secure their future for centuries to come.

Huck finally gets to her apartment, and Percy has been taking most of the episode off just sitting around. Said he heard some people mention her as lead interrogator. Percy gets Hucks’ gun that was on the table, with Huck urging him to kill her with the gun that shot him, and killed his uncle. Percy let her go, so she went to go see Dennis at his outpost. Percy tells the Bennett’s and Felix, while Huck tells Dennis, that it will just be the Civic Republic. They plan to go take out Portland, population 87,000, and use the empties to cover it up.

The group tries to brainstorm what to do, they know what is going to happen, they also know where the gas is. Iris brings up just blowing up the gas, and taking the place out with them. But Hope says it can’t just be about destroying the place, they have to keep some things going, the research, it’s important to get the scientists and research out and start it up again somewhere else. Huck tells Dennis she can’t do this alone, and she doesn’t know what to do. While Percy tells Iris he wanted to kill Huck, but he knows if he did he wouldn’t get to see her again. Meanwhile Huck is hanging out with Mason, Mason brings up his dad alive, and how he must be disappointed that he wasn’t all in on the military. He tells Hope that his dead is General Biel!

Before Huck leaves that night Silas sees her kissing Dennis. Huck sees Silas and says, I guess we have some shit to talk about.