GIF Source: TGON

I’ve been there before, Jake. I think we all have. Someone (Boyle) gives you a super awesome, personal gift and you pretty much forgot about them, so you’re just like, “Damnit what am I supposed to do now?” The only solution is to rush to a department store and get in right before it closes. Luckily, in these situations I’ve never been taken hostage by robbers. Jake, Gina, and Boyle cannot say the same. I guess the good thing here is that Jake, Gina, and Boyle were weirdly psyched about this Die Hard-adjacent situation, while I would be shaking in my boots. Luckily, Terry got on the scene quickly and was able to support Jake and the gang from the outside—much to the Vulture’s dismay (who was running the scene outside). In the end, Jake sacrificed his John McClane moment so Charles could sneak up on the only real intimidating guy of the bunch.

Where was the rest of the gang you ask? Amy, Holt, and Rosa were taking the Polar Plunge! Well, not so much Amy. She wanted to prove to Holt and Rosa that she was tough, but she only ended up getting in the water because she noticed all of the texts from Jake about the robbery. But hey, that still counts in my book!

In the end, the Nine Nine succeeded with a little help from everyone. (Even Hitchcock and Scully, who most likely spent the rest of the episode eating in a bathroom to save that extra walk).  Holt even suggested that Terry take the Lieutenant exam! Rightfully so.

Another prime example of how well this team works so well together. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go test out Gina’s flamethrower on some evil spiders living on my porch.