Taboo Recap – Episode 6


This show screws with every sensibility I have as a viewer.

There aren’t any “good guys,” the endgame is exceptionally selfish for all parties involved and the worst part…sibcest.


Episode six gave us a bit more backstory to the origins of Delaney’s madness and a whole lot of murder. We discover (through Delaney’s servant Brace) that his “sainted” mother took him to the river and tried to drown him when he was a wee babe. It’s an important insight into the why and how Delaney operates: he acts like he doesn’t care because his own parent didn’t care for him. It’s a sobering realization-especially considering how Delaney treats his own flesh and blood, Robert.

Speaking of his biokid, James has him doing hard child labor with shady chemist Cholmondeley. The plan: 24/7 production of gunpowder. Delaney has a quota to meet for Dumbarton and the Americans. At stake, his monopoly to the seal pelt trade.


And what are those bastardos at the EIC doing to counterattack Delaney’s plan? Being nefarious and evil per usual. There is the matter of their attention being caught up with the Prince Regent’s royal commission investigation. Mr. George Chichester, Esq. is THE MAN leading the charge against the EIC’s murder and fraud of 200+ Gabindans on a slave ship. He holds all the receipts and isn’t afraid to use them. This probably means the EIC will try to destroy him, but I’m holding out hope for Mr. Chichester, Esq.


I didn’t even touch on the fact that Zilpha actually gutted her husband, Dumbarton covered up the murder by saying he had cholera and she had illicit, disgusting, filthy, gross, sibcestual relations with her brother (*barf*). Or the fact someone set Delaney up by murdering his young acquaintance, Winter.

See, I told you. Total. Mind. Screw.

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