Off with her head! Photo Credit: The 100/CW

New danger and new night have sky crew against the wall. The 100 moved from Thursday night to Wednesday night and it had the worst season premier of the franchise. We will see how that rebounds next week if it’s people didn’t realize it was on a day earlier, or people are not as interested with the new conflict, or if it’s because people are tuning out after Arrow, which saw lower ratings than Legends of Tomorrow, which used to be on Thursday, but also moved for some reason.

Clarke is back at the capital, she talks to Bellamy who is concerned because Clarke doesn’t look like someone who saved the world and Clarke says she didn’t. She tells him what is going on and Bellamy doesn’t want to tell the public that the world will end in 6 months since it will create panic, and the people are starting to think that Clarke was the one who created the destruction that already has happened.

Back at sky crew camp Jasper still seems to be off from being controlled by A.L.I.E., and seems to have lost a grip on reality to the point he was thinking about ending his own life. Raven is able to connect with people at the capital and is able to learn what is happening with the reactors and the world. Raven wants to fix the computers and seems to know how to code now even though she didn’t know before which is weird. Raven seems to be in extra pain in her knee though.

As long as Raven is still alive I’m still watching. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

At the capital Roan is struggling to survive from his gun shot wound. Ice Nation has entered the capital and has claimed it under their rule and doesn’t want to let sky crew leave the city. Octavia wants to gather up the other clans to fight back, but Clarke comes up with an idea to surrender and tells her group about the reactors and the 6 months to live.

Jaha goes to the ice nation to give them their murdered leader, so she can be with her people, while Bellamy goes to discuss the rules of the surrender. The body is really Octavia who uses the distraction to kill two guards followed by an awesome spear throw which kills the doctor. She opens up a side entrance letting in Clarke and her mom to try to save Roan. Bellamy can’t stall long enough for Clarke and mom to save Roan and are compromised as ice nation returns to it’s room, but moments after they were able to remove the bullet. Seeing the situation they want to kill Clarke but Roan is able to wake up in time to stop that but he is upset that her people tried to kill him. He has the crown and is ready to take on the throne until a natural leader rises.

Clarke tells Roan that the world is ending in 6 months and about the reactors, and that to survive they will need to use science to figure out a solution and what he needs to do is honor Lexa’s pact and announce sky crew the rightful 13th clan so they can go back home and get to work on a solution, otherwise they will be attacked. It obviously doesn’t go over well but it bides them some time, we close as off in the desert in the distance two people get over taken and burned by the approaching radiation storm from the nuclear reactors.