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Brace Yourselves:  The Magicians Gears Up for Divine Elimination

Season 2 has spent its first few episodes setting the scene, but episode three is going to be all the action.  The group will engage The Beast again, and this time the stakes are higher.

Not to say that the first two episodes of the season were bad–they were actually hilarious and have had great moments of character development for everyone (except none for Martin Chatwin, kthxbye)

Margo continues to deliver the best lines this season and carries the burden of being the comic relief with grace

Source: The Magicians SYFY

Marina came back for episode two which added to Julia’s screen time, a win-win for everyone, but #GoodKingEliot confronting his past and stepping up to the plate really stole the show last week.

Source: The Magicians SYFY

Also notable last week were the book changes to professor Bigby, and the way they integrated the pixie into the show, as well as an allusion to Sir Hotspots (a named but never seen character in the books), by including his name in the first anagram Alice unscrambles in the clue to find Hotel Spa Potions.

Episode 3 is going to be fire, quite literally, after the inclusion of cacodemons and the firey battle magic demonstrated by Martin in the promo, which you can watch here.

Be sure to tune into Syfy this Wednesday at 9PM (est) to catch the battle with The Beast!


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