Alexandria was in turmoil as we get into the episode. Daryl can’t seem to shake the death of Denise, and how it likely wouldn’t have happened if he killed Dwight from the beginning in the burnt forest. He was sitting and stewing so much that he couldn’t handle it, and decided to go back out and look for the trail of the Saviors by the train tracks. Glenn and Michonne hop into a van to go after Daryl, but Rosita feels the same that Daryl does, and also knows where he is going to go so she hops into the van to travel as well.

Shortly after that, we get a little more back story on Carol, she was packing up, hiding away her bag, and left a good bye letter to Tobin in the middle of the night and asked that nobody goes after her. Of course we know that won’t happen as Tobin informs Rick, they head to the gate to look for clues and Morgan is there, who already sensed something was off. When Morgan hears this he goes straight for a vehicle to look for Carol, Rick tells Morgan he needs to wait for Rick as he will join him.

Not to far away from Alexandria, around 19.2 clicks if memory serves, Carol’s tires in her car are shot out by a number of the Saviors. This Savior party was on it’s way to Alexandria, Carol was trying to play it off as she was not anyone important who had anything important. The Saviors were able to look through that, as you don’t see any other vehicles with spikes coming out of it, they told her that she might not have anything but she is sure to have information. Carol kept trying to get them to stay back because she didn’t want to kill again. It got to a point that she had no choice if she wanted to live and unloaded a hidden gun at the attackers. She was able to take out everyone, except one member who was sitting inside the truck, he was shot in the shoulder. After Carol eliminates what she thinks is all she walks off into a big field.

Rick and Morgan catch up to the spot where the vehicles were abandoned and were checking out and trying to understand the battle. They believe that she probably survived it and left. They were trying to figure out why Carol might have left. Morgan says that “she left because she can’t anymore.” Rick sees the dead bodies and says, “she did because she had to. Sometimes you have to.” Later while trying to follow the tracks Rick knows that they didn’t end it at all with the Saviors with the bunker attack, but instead started something.

Things jump around a lot from here, Maggie was going to take over another watch shift with others gone and seemed tired, Enid saw Maggie at the food pantry and told her that she would take over a few hours of the shift, she wants to help and Maggie should go put her feet up and eat some pickles.

You eat some pickles, and you risk your life. Photo Credit: Gene Page AMC

Rosita leads Michonne and Glenn to where the battle with Dwight and the Saviors took place, they found Daryl’s bike hidden underneath some brush. Daryl is really off his game as he has found essentially nothing. Glenn and Michonne try to talk sense into Daryl, how his life matters, and they need him back at Alexandria, and it doesn’t work, in the end Rosita decides that she needs to join Daryl, and Michonne and Glenn head back to Alexandria.

With Rick and Morgan they approach a walker that looks like Carol, it is not, they move on to a farm, they see a tall man with a spear from the Hilltop killing a walker. They get the mans attention who asks them if they have seen his horse. They try to find out who he is, until he says that they should go that the dead ones are coming. As the man runs off to escape, Rick shoots at the man and Morgan deflects the shot. After they get rid of the walkers is when Rick sees the spear from the Hilltop gang. Rick wonders if he is from the Hilltop, Morgan says he might be, or he might not be. Rick doesn’t take chances on people anymore, Morgan on the other hand does.

Your Kingdom awaits. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead Comic

He explains to Rick how he kept the Wolf alive and hostage back at Alexandria as he had a chance to change, everyone can change. He said how him and Carol got into a fight and the Wolf kept Denise as a hostage, how they got swarmed during the invasion, and how that killer sacrificed himself and saved Denise, so Denise could escape and be where she needed to be so she could save Carl’s life after being shot. He said it is all a circle. Simply speaking, this fucked up Rick’s world, he was taken aback and had no idea what to say about that.

He decided that he needs to go back to Alexandria, he thanks Morgan, gives him his gun, and tells him that Michonne did take his protein bar back in town. Rick asks Morgan if he is going to come back, and Morgan says yes he will, and if he doesn’t, don’t come looking for him. But Morgan is going to continue to look for Carol, while Rick gets ready for an upcoming war.

Maggie is in extreme pain and we don’t know if she is losing the baby, or having a reaction to bad pickles.

Glenn and Michonne are surrounded and captured by the Saviors, Daryl and Rosita see that they are captured and try to make a save, however Duane is right behind Daryl, and shoots him in the shoulder as the episode gets red.