Source: CW The Flash

The Flash returns with the strong mid-season opener, “Borrowing Problems From The Future”. Barry’s fear of a possible future where Iris is killed. This story element played so well throughout this episode and allowed tension between the Flash and Team Flash. I enjoyed seeing Barry fight with his moral code of bringing in criminals to justice when he came across, The Plunder. The villain was surprisingly much better than I would have guessed. Visually, The Plunder had a great look to him and had some interesting weapons. It’s a shame we only see a few his weapons and how he is able to use them. Either way, he worked as a villain to help move the main storyline along and gave us some great action moment with Kid Flash. HR found problems with his launch of the STAR Labs museum. While this brought some humor to the episode, I couldn’t help to feel it wasn’t needed. HR museum subplot seemed to be a bit of boarding and a waste of time. While I do enjoy HR I couldn’t help to find myself just not caring for his problems in this Episode. Caitlin storyline of her Killer Frost powers seemed well paced and leads to Julian joining Team Flash’s. I really enjoy with how they are taking baby steps with her Killer Frost issues to what I assume will lead to her fully becoming the classic DC villain.  The best part of this episode was Barry and Cisco going forward in time and writing down the news headline that will help them stop Savita from killing Iris. However, Im worried they the season might take up too many storylines to balance for the rest of the season. Overall this was a great midseason comeback and promises us some thigs to come.