The Case Of Betty Smith

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We all know what’s wrong with Betty, words can’t even describe how much help she really needs. But I guess she’s doing well for herself considering the fact that she had a serial killer father and a liar for a mother. To Betty the worst problem of them all is Alice holding on to Betty as if she is not an inch away from being an adult. Finding her birth control lead her to believe that having sex was one of the reasons for her not getting to Yale. She has lost so much, including her identity, Alice should be thanking her lucky stars that she has a daughter that thought to protect herself. She hasn’t even made the effort to take her grandkids off of Cheryl’s hands so that she can focus on graduating with her cousin. I’m not judging her parenting, but come on! Alice fears Betty will make mistakes like she did, but there is one thing that Betty is not and that is stupid.

The Case Of Archie Andrews

Archie is still stuck in the same mindset as before, he doesn’t want to go to college because he believes Riverdale needs him. The truth is, Archie alone or with Madd Dog cannot save Riverdale. It takes the community stepping up, speaking out, and making changes. These are things that aren’t happening right now which makes the weight of it all feel heavier. Archie believes that staying in Riverdale to build a foundation like his father did will bring him honor. In actuality, Fred Andrews did those things to be a great example to his son and to guide him into building a better life for himself. That alone starts with a foundation. He hasn’t laid down the foundation for his own life because he’s too busy trying to build on to his father’s which is already done. The smart thing for Archie to do would be to recruit other high school boys to volunteer and take over the center while he’s off to college and so forth that way he knows he made his mark on the town.

Archie sneaking out at night to be the masked vigilante is dangerous and illegal, but I feel his pain. No one else is going to do anything so what choice does he have? No one is going to stand by his side so he had to get his hands dirty. He even set up a hotline for those who need help. You know Riverdale has gotten bad if they would rather call Archie than the police. The difference? Archie will execute at all costs to keep the streets clean while cops wait until everyone is busted up and dead to clean it up. I think Archie is better than Batman. I love that the counselor encouraged Archie to do more constructive work as well as work on his academics. He has a promising future he just needs to see it from a different perspective.

The Case Of Veronica Lodge

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Veronica hates being classified as a teen with daddy issues, but honestly what have we seen for the past four seasons? A girl with literal daddy issues. Her family is beyond toxic, she’s a teen with the mind of a thirty-year-old woman and is a master at mind games thanks to Hiram Lodge. As excited as she was to hear that she got accepted into Harvard, Veronica was disappointed when she found out that Hiram played a key role in her acceptance. For Veronica getting accepted solely off of her hard work and academics would be a pawn to show her father that her independence is just as powerful as his mind control.

It’s obvious that Veronica doesn’t want to be controlled, neither does Hiram. As much as she hates to admit it she is his spitting image minus the evil. The good thing about this though, is that she knows how to bring him to his knees. That is in the business of course because clearly prison didn’t do anything. With the help of the counselor, Veronica decided to end her father by challenging his rum with one of her own. That will run successfully no matter what and will help her break tides with her father. That is of course if she really wants to be free of him.

The Case Of Cheryl Blossom

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At first, Cheryl was relentless in her therapy session, but she had to give in if she wanted to keep being the captain of the Riverdale Vixens. Unfortunately, it was a no because of all of the pressure Cheryl has on herself by being the caretaker of Nana Rose and the twins. I was surprised to see her finally break since she kept brushing everything off so far this season. I believe it really hurts that she isn’t Cheryl Blossom anymore and she can’t come to grips with being Cheryl without Jason. Everything is just now hitting her at the moment. She much likes the others are forced to grow up quickly in order to keep everything together, but how long can that last? I wonder how long does Cheryl thinks all of this will last. I think that the counselor telling her that someone is fooling her with the doll has soothed her. Hopefully, soon she will be able to get her life back in order.

The Case Of Jughead Jones

It’s sad to say that Jughead didn’t apply to any colleges yet. He posses so much talent and changed his environment for better studies, he should definitely make it worthwhile. He owes it to himself and his family. The counselor believed that Jughead’s mini-quest had distracted him from the bigger picture. Life beyond school. Jughead has to understand that the time he has is precious and if it’s wasted he could be stuck living as a starving writer and we know Jughead is always hungry. His journalism skills are beyond what any other student could match up to be and he is now the new ghostwriter of the Baxter Brother’s. That is if he lives to see that day.

 Rating: 2/5

In many ways, I felt like this episode was pointless, mainly because it was a lot of calmly staved facts that we already knew since watching Riverdale. In a small way, the counselor helped each student out, but it doesn’t change the fact that all of them will never get to live normal lives thanks to their toxic family members and peers. If I was the counselor, I would’ve just said, get out of Riverdale. I also didn’t like this episode because it introduced another standoff between Veronica and her father. Why do they insist to go to war with each other? Why didn’t she just get her own place to stay? It’s way too much ego involved. Another reason why I didn’t care too much for this episode was because of Alice being so oblivious to her daughter’s mental health needs, and truly being there for her as a mother instead of crucifying her for doing something that a lot of teenagers do. It was stupid. I also thought the spoof of the friends getting their mugshot picture taken was stupid. In some episodes we didn’t get a spoof, how was it fitting to add it in this one? I’m losing the arrangement of puzzles pieces in all of this.

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