Source: NBCU

Season 5B Premiere: Tuesday, February 14th
Episode Count: 7

(the episode order was reduced from 16 to 14 to accommodate Mindy Kaling’s schedule, there’s no Hulu conspiracy here folks.)

Hulu latest press release, gave us some insight into what the second half of the season is going to look like:

my insightful comments in bold/italic under the cut

“The Mindy Project is back, and Mindy’s life is as complicated as ever! Picking up where things left off after the mid-season finale, Mindy is reeling from getting dumped by her boyfriend Ben and finds herself with a magical chance to make things right.”

MAGICAL?! OOOH I hope it’s one of the “high-concept” episodes they were talking about! I’m already psyched to see the one where Ryan Hansen plays Mindy!

“But it’s not just her love life that’s up in the air. Morgan, Jeremy, and the rest of the Shulman and Associates staff are back for more drama: Can Jody finally get over his feelings for Mindy? Can Morgan and Colette survive as roommates given Colette’s turbulent dating life? Can Jeremy avoid having another heart attack amid all of the chaos?”

When will they learn that no one cares about Jody? I hope Jeremy doesn’t have a heart attack and maybe finds a girlfriend! Morgan & Colette will totally work out whatever their issue is. We know Tipper Newton is joining the cast to play Colette’s girlfriend, so it’ll get interesting for sure!

“The Mindy Project delivers another hilarious season of adventures with new friends and old as Mindy discovers that her “happily ever after” might not be what she expected.”

press release courtesy of Hulu/NBCU