Episode synopsis: “When Maze is the prime suspect in a murder, Lucifer and Chloe enter the world of bounty hunting to investigate. Maze decides she wants to go back to Hell, but after Lucifer refuses, she turns to Pierce for help. Meanwhile, Charlotte’s sanity is questioned when she makes a big discovery and Chloe admits she’s dating someone.” – Fox

This week episode is Maze-centric. Maze is done with humans and earth, she wants out. She wants Lucy to fly her back to hell. Lucifer of course won’t do it. Maze promises Lucifer that he’ll regret it and to make matters worse for Lucifer, Pierce and Decker had a beach date. It’s official they’re dating.

Charlotte confides in Linda about her very odd meeting with Amenadiel.

Besides a date on the beach, there’s a murder too. A 30-year-old guy, multiple stab wounds, no ID. Security footage from the crime scene reveals Maze to be the murderer or at least taking a knife out of the victim’s body. We all blow off steam differently.

The victim is Mike Biltz an ex-con whose had a prior run in with a Maze. He is  also an active bounty.

Pierce tries to go off with Decker to Mike’s last place of employment, a winery but don’t worry Lucifer intercepts and goes with her instead.

Things aren’t looking so good for Maze’s innocence, she was asking around for Mike at the winery and a can of green tea coconut water was in his trailer. The again she could’ve just been doing her job.

Meanwhile Linda chews Amenadiel out for telling Charlotte about her previously being his mother.

Things in general are weird around the police station. Ella is way too into Pierce and Decker, Dan’s uncomfortable and Lucifer is Lucifer. Things get weirder when Maze shows up and says she did it.

She wants to be arrested and presents the murder weapon. Maze laughs as Dan cuffs her. Decker thinks she is innocence. I don’t know what to think.

Decker and Lucifer question her and she again claims to do it. Maze has heard woman’s prison is hell on earth, so, to her that’s the next best thing. Problem, Maze doesn’t even know how many times the victim had actually been stabbed.

Lucifer beliefs Decker now and thinks it’s time to bust Maze out.

The side plot meets the main plot when Lucifer is approached by Charlotte regarding Amenadiel. Lucy tells all.

Uh, oh the can of coconut water has Decker’s prints on it. Which could mean one of two things. Decker killed Mike or someone is trying to set up Maze and took the can from Decker’s.

Things get weirder, Maze hugged Ella. Oh wait, never mind she used it to steal her security card to get access to an evidence file.

Maze is being blackmailed, most likely by the one who put the bounty out, Barry. Now Maze is going after him. After roughing him up a bit he said someone from Sebastian Corp had him do it. Too bad he got shot in the dome before he could tell her anything else.

Decker and company shorty behind Maze can tell that Maze didn’t shoot Barry based on the trajectory of the bullet.

Time to see some of Maze’s previous bounties and shockingly they all love her. But they did get a lead out of one of them. One of her bounties also worked at that winery and she scared him straight and got him away from the winery because they were up to something fishy. So, I assume the winery wanted revenge on Maze.

Maze takes the fight to the winery owner. Uh, Sebastian was one of Maze’s bounties, he was killed in jail and his mother the winery owner blamed Maze. Maze is intent to kill the owner but she’s got back up. Likely Maze has back up too, Decker and Lucifer. Maze is about to do something she’ll regret. Decker tries to talk her down, it kind of works but she’s still pissed Lucifer won’t take her home.

Charlotte’s thinks she’s going crazy. To prove to her she isn’t Lucy shows her his wings.

Decker and Pierce are hitting it off and Lucifer is being edged out. He’s is losing her, he can’t lose Maze and he tells her that. I thought that would make Maze feel better but she’s isn’t about being a constellation prize and storms off.

Pierce catches Maze trying to get on a bus to escape town. Pierce wants to form an alliance with her, I’m assuming to get rid of Lucifer.

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