Hey guys! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! This week I wanted to bring to light a relatively intriguing phone app called Paper Run – Caveman. It’s an extremely easy and extremely addicting game, and I, your ever faithful gaming adviser, am going to tell you how to play it.

The game is built almost like a pop-up story book, and it follows the adventures of a caveman. You control this neanderthal (To an extent) as he not only attempts to escape the T-Rex tryin’ to nibble him into non-existence, but also as you try to help him avoid all the other obstacles that gets in his way. If you rash, your poor lil’ cave-dude gets crumpled away and you’ll have to restart. Now let’s get into the technicalities of this game: The caveman follows a pre-determined path, and your only controls are to swipe up and swipe down. Swiping up means your caveman will go faster, while swiping down causes him to go slower. Simple enough, right? Be warned though, the simplicity of the controls are made up within the difficulty of the game. It’s incredibly fast paced, and “dying” is fairly easy. What helps avoid those annoying little deaths though, are the bonuses that can be picked up through out each run: Bonuses like an extra shield to protect you, or lightening to destroy anything that might get too close. They’re definitely handy in getting a higher score!

The game was created by Julien Jeanroy-Bertrand, the Art Director at an organization known as Uplike, which is a free social-networking app. The game is offered through that very organization, for free, on the Android Play Store and the iOS Apple store. I give it a solid 4 out of 5 glasses, and hope you guys try it out for yourselves! Thanks for reading!