Gotham Recap: “Time Bomb”

Welcome back to another recap, Gothamites!  After last week you’d think that Gordon deserves a quiet day at the GCPD, but Gotham wouldn’t be Gotham if, at one way or another, hell would break lose. Harvey is back at being captain until they find someone to replace Barnes.

Mario, Lee and Falcone have a rehearsal dinner for the rehearsal dinner since Mario’s and Lee’s wedding is in just two days. When they walk outside, a hotel boy wants to drive Falcone’s car to the entrance of the place. But as soon as he starts the car, the car blows up leaving the car in a burning pile. Of course is the GCPD and the fire department  quick to react and arrive at the scene. Including Gordon who promises Falcone that he’ll find the people responsible. After some testing from Fox, he finds out that specific explosives were used, and Harvey knows exactly who is behind it: some ex-military who went rouge. Gordon and Harvey pay him a visit but when they enter his house he is already brutally murdered while he was packing his suitcase to escape Gotham. Underneath his mattress Gordon finds a folder with pictures of Mario, showing that it wasn’t Falcone that was targeted, but his son.


Quickly Gordon heads towards the hospital where Mario works. Mario is just walking outside the hospital when a bike with two men approach him. The passenger has a huge knife and likes to kill Mario with it. Luckily Gordon comes on time and shoots some bullets towards the bike to scare them off. That works and Gordon drags Mario in his car where he brings him to the GCPD. There orders Gordon Harvey to keep an eye on Mario. But Harvey being him makes it too obvious that he is watching him. When Gordon knows Mario is safe, he himself pays a visit to Falcone. Telling him what he has found out and if Falcone knows anyone who would hurt his son.  Falcone says he can’t think of anyone.  Then Gordon gets a call from Harvey telling him that Mario has escaped the safety of the GCPD. Gordon has a pretty good idea where he can be: Mario told him earlier that day that he needed to pick up the wedding rings. Gordon follows him yet again, just as the assassins. It ends with a huge fight in the jewellery store and with a huge bill for the owner, they didn’t even try to dodge the jewellery cases. Gordon knows to arrest one of the assassins, while Mario strangles the other. Who knew that the sweet Mario would be able to do that sort of thing. But he is a doctor so he knows just how to strangle someone the best. Anyway, the still alive assassin is brought to the GCPD for Mario and Falcone to see if they recognise the man. They don’t. But when Harvey, Gordon and Mario leave the interrogation room Falcone stays behind. When Harvey checks the security camera’s some later they see him in the cell, with a knife in the assassin’s mouth. Quickly they enter the interrogation room to make Falcone stop. What they don’t know is that Falcone’s knife wasn’t just random in the man his mouth. Falcone actually used his knife to pull out a golden tooth from the assassin’s mouth. A golden tooth with an owl engraved on it. Some later we see that Falcone has a secret meeting with our old friend Catharine. Falcone accused Catharine of going after Mario for a reason he doesn’t know. And he, of course, wants the Court to leave Mario alone. Catharine agrees, but only if Falcone does everything the Court asks him to do.


Although we haven’t seen much of Lee this episode, we see her standing at Jim’s door right before she has her rehearsal dinner. She says that she somehow heard herself tell the cab driver his address, mainly because they never officially said goodbye(aka broke off their relationship). It is all super sweet and stuff, but when we see Lee get back into the cab someone else is also watching: Mario. At first, I was surprised to see him there, I mean doesn’t he needs to be at his rehearsal dinner? He is all acting weird and hears whispering voices in his head saying that she(Lee) still loves Jim but that she needs to love him entirely instead. Two guys walk up to him to rob him, but he manages to break one of the guy’s arms while choking the other. This all happened in just seconds. We see the veins in his head become bigger and he has red eyes. This only means one thing: he is infected by Alice’s blood. The big question is than how he got infected, and when? To me, the only way this could’ve happened is when he treated Barnes as being a doctor. And because nobody knew at that time that Barnes was infected, nobody would be careful with his blood.

Somewhere else in Gotham Selena, Ivy and Bruce hide in Wayne Manor, where Bruce is trying to find out what the key is for by dipping his nose into all sorts of books. After Selina gets most of the dirt/rust off of it, an inscription is shown. It’s a little thing which is shown again somewhere else in this episode: the inscription from the Court of Owls. While Bruce and Selina are in Bruce’s study, Ivy drugged Alfred with one of her poisonous perfumes and escapes out of the house. But she won’t get far as she is then kidnapped by the same men that are after them.


The men propose a trade, Selena and Bruce get Ivy back in exchange for the key. Since Bruce thinks that the Court is behind it, Bruce insists on going. When they arrive at the scene, Bruce says he’d like to talk to Catharine but is pleasantly surprised when the men tell that they are not working with the Court, but against them. They call themselves the Whisper Gang. And the key turns out to be the second key to a safe that contains an object that can bring the Court of Owls to the ground. Somehow the leader of the Whisper gang decides to work together with the kids. This idea never turns into a real plan, because before they can do anything together, most of the gang is killed by Talon(the assassin from the Court).


Remember how Edward was still a bit down due to the fact that someone killed his beloved Isabella? Well, he (sort of) found out that it was Butch who killed her. Now we as fans know what really happened, but Edward still has a bit of tunnel vision focused on Butch. So in order to get revenge he kidnaps both Butch and Tabitha. And tries to get a confession out of Butch by giving him shocks. Their disappearance does not go unnoticed, certainly not by Barbara. She pays a visit to Oswald, or more likely she just ruins his meeting to ask him if he knows where they are. He says he doesn’t, but of course, he does. Anyway, he sends Barbara away, but she isn’t one to give up that easily. When Oswald is away for some mayor business she sneaks into his house to have a lovely chat with his housekeeper, Olga. Now she has been in an episode before but that episode made it sort of clear that Olga can’t speak English. Yet she does. By trading her ring, Barbara gets information from Olga. Like that Oswald is in love with Edward and that Edward ordered a strange package which never arrived at the house. Olga shows Barbara the receipt to which she decides to go to that store. She seduced the clerk by showing her one of the devices that the store has while she locks him up into it and forces him to give her the combination of the safe. In that safe is the address to where Butch and Tabitha are kept hostage.


Edward finds out that giving shocks to Butch does not have the effect he wants, so he tries something else. He gives Tabitha a very important choice, either she gives Butch a high shock that most definitely will kill him, or her hand is chopped off. Butch tells some pretty sweet words to Tabitha before he admits to Edward that it was indeed him who put a bullet in her head. But she was killed in a car crash, making Butches confession completely untrue.  Unfortunately Tabitha’s hand is still chopped off but with the help of Barbara who just entered (and Edward showing remorse), Butch brings her to a hospital. After investigating the matter, Barbara realises Oswald killed Isabella and plans to start a war between Edward and Oswald by informing Edward of the truth.


And that was already the end of the episode! It’ll interesting to finally see Lee and Mario’s wedding in hopefully the next episode and if they ever going to find out that Mario is infected with Alice’s blood. Thanks for reading!


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