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9-1-1 S3 E16 “The One That Got Away”

Firefighters doing what firefighters do, put out fires and rescue people. Building on fire and they are trying to save a cat but of course, the building is getting worse and worse by the second to make for an intense rescue operation. This time there is a lady who is hearing impaired also stuck inside the same building. Now they have to figure out a way to save her as well. Will they make it in time? They do, of course.

Once again like in the first season Buck’s alone-ness is revisited. As he makes plans to celebrate they all cancel on him for their significant other’s. He and Eddie are the only two that are single but I think Eddie may have something on with that teacher because in the last episode apparently, he had a date. And he hasn’t really dated anyone since earthquake girl. So he goes to a bar to celebrate at a bar and runs into a fellow fireman. But he is retired. The man whose name is Red buys him a drink for his daring rescue and they end up drinking and talking.

Buck then builds a bond with the old-timer who shares his life with him and gives him some sound advice about life and love. Is Buck thinking about Abby? Who supposedly is still in Ireland? The chick he fled to Ireland after her mom died and left Buck stuck like Chuck. But I thought the chapter was closed on that being that she broke up with him there was a whole episode about it. Now, Buck is wigging out about losing the bonds that he has formed while working at the 118. He is scared he will end up like Red all alone without even his firefighter buddies to rely on. Insert the next disaster. So Buck decides to take Red under his wing to enhance the quality of his life. But the trip doesn’t seem to does very well as the first visitor named Cindy appears to have dementia. But his plan backfires and Red is upset because Cindy doesn’t remember him and Red tells him to stay away. Buck’s great gesture was only great for him.

But then there is an interesting twist as Athena arrests a man with a very expensive drone flying it without a permit and causing the disaster. She arrests him and then begins an investigation into the drone and the pilot. After some digging, we learn the man is a pervert and has been spying on women using that expensive drone. But the police let him go after Athena learns of his dastardly deeds. Now she has to track him down.

Buck has a heart to heart with his sister and ends up learning some truths about herself that appears to shock her. Buck says she doesn’t understand what he feels and why he is still single even after Abby left him. I knew they would bring it up. Insert the third disaster here. And the 118 is successful in saving a man who injured himself on a cooking show. Hen seems to be having a moment and behaving like a doctor and not a medic. It looks like it going to end badly and she is even chewed out by Chim and the doctor at the hospital for making such a bold move. It seems like she might become a doctor or maybe have the drive too. The surgeon in charge praises her and Hen gloats a little bit.

After telling Buck to kick rocks, Red gets put in the hospital. He calls Buck and asks him to stay by his side. All is forgotten and Buck just sits and talks with Red. As the team celebrates Hen success, Buck receives a call. (BTW Hen’s makeup is extra cute). Red is getting out of the hospital and Buck is there to pick him up. But he picks him up in the firetruck to pay homage and respect to a fellow firefighter. Red is moved to tears and he is overwhelmed with gratitude for Buck who thinks so highly of him. And it’s not just one truck, it’s three to receive him. Sadly Red passes away but he left the world happy and Buck is heartbroken and feels like he will end up like Red alone at the end with no one to pass down his heroic stories too. But Maddie assures him he will not be in this world alone.

Back to the peeping tom drone man, they are still looking for him. But they fear that it will be worse than anticipated. They find more and more evidence of his peeping. But it is revealed that that is not all he does. He’s rapping women too. End of show. So I guess next week we will learn of his fate.

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