Source: Spoiler TV

Ah, finally Scorpion returns to its old glory and does a nice, simple museum case. Well… ok not exactly. This case was indeed at a museum, but it was far from simple.

The basic premise is that Team Scorpion takes a private case for an LA museum, who called saying one of their priceless pieces was corroding at an unusually fast pace and they needed the geniuses to figure out the cause. They get there and Toby realizes he left something back at the garage because he hasn’t been 100% focused lately, you know, because the love of his life and mother to his child has been married to his best friend for five years. The museum lady says the museum will go into automatic lockdown soon and once that happens no one can get in or out once that happens. Paige says that she’ll drive Toby back to the garage and tells the lady, “Don’t worry, everything will go smoothly.”

But of course, this wouldn’t be Scorpion if everything went smoothly. Also, Paige did you forget the last time this team was in a museum? What exactly gave you the impression that things would go smoothly? So Toby gives Happy his jacket to keep her warm while he’s gone (because he’s gone into over-protective, extremely annoying father mode) and runs off with Paige. While with Paige, Toby expresses his fears and concerns about becoming a father to a “normal,” to which Paige explains that that’s a terrible thing to say (which it is). He also states that he’s afraid Happy won’t make a good mother because ‘kind’ and ‘nurturing’ are not Happy Quinn traits. To that I say: WHAT THE HELL TOBY? Not only was that super rude, but honestly I would LOVE to be the daughter of Happy Quinn. She’s a badass. Paige tells him he just needs to chill, Happy will be great, and the whole team will help out. She also tells him that he needs to just ask Happy what she needs instead of telling her all the time. I actually really enjoyed Paige in this episode.

Anyways, Happy, Cabe, and Walter get working on the case, and Sylvester runs off looking for this falcon that lives in the museum. Sylvester is an avid birdwatcher and he’s been dying to get a peak at this one. I wouldn’t mention this if it weren’t essential to the case. And just as things were looking like they might go smoothly, they discover that some bad guys have broken in (actually they staged the whole thing) and are planning to steal something from the museum while Walter had the security cameras down to work on them.

There’s some fights and some sneaking around and literal millions of dollars worth of damage done to the museum, and they decide they need to get a message out to Toby. Sylvester gives the falcon Toby’s jacket, ties a note to it’s leg, and breaks the glass ceiling so the falcon can fly free and deliver the note. The falcon actually manages to find Toby and Paige in the middle of   Los Angeles.

In the end, the team is saved and the bad guys are caught (they were stealing a chemical to make a bomb of some sort) and they make it back to the garage safe and sound. There, Toby apologizes to Happy and I really hope this marks the end of Toby’s obnoxious behavior. Probably not, but one can hope. I preferred this episode and this case to the last few, and I enjoyed that Scorpion was returning to the case style it does best. The big government ones are just never quite executed well enough for me.

What did you guys think of this case? Do you like the private ones, or the cases of national security?