Source: Supergirl // CW

This weeks episode happened in a week when we perhaps needed it the most. This show has always demonstrated that hope is the greatest thing we as a race can have. This show is my Happy Place, and I hope that it’s someone else’s too. This week also officially embarked on probably the best told and most respectful coming out story to ever grace our eyeballs so be prepared, because that’s all I’m going to talk about for the foreseeable future.

There is so many plots going on in this episode that I’m not sure what to even talk about first.

First, let’s talk about James Olsen. I like James, I really do and it’s definitely shifty how they ended his relationship with Kara so quickly this season. I want to like his current storylines, and I appreciate that the writers are actively trying to give him something meaningful to do besides pine for Kara or get written off the show.

But this whole, vigilante thing is feels so half baked. I don’t buy it. It doesn’t feel organic to the character, it feels like something that the writers room cooked up last minute to give him something to do. Especially his speech about how he’s always been the sidekick and wants to help out felt very whiny to me.

Winn helping out with the the whole operation is a nice twist. I’m liking that he’s basically become the official Superhero Costume Maker.

Mon-El started his first official day in the human world and I feel like it was too early? I mean, at least teach the dude how to answer a phone before sending him to work in a cubicle. I will admit, dude looked like a cutie with his bow tie, but he was obviously not  meant for office work.

After spending the day hooking up with James’s assistant and then slagging offf on work, I forsee him working either with the Police Department or the DEO.

It was another weekly lesson for Kara, as she was trying to impose her life onto Mon (Mike) and Alex, with help of her own life lesson, showed Kara that she needed to let him figure out his own life here on Earth without forcing her own likes and interests on to him.

Through this conversation between Alex and Kara, we also learn Kara is really into N’sync and Alex had a Punk Rock phase. I’m really into both of those character traits.  Now all I can imagine is young supergirl dancing around singing ‘Bye Bye Bye”.

Lena also popped around this episode, and I swear is Katie McGrath *trying* to play Lena Luthor as into Kara because it really seems like she is asking out on a date when she stops by Catco and asks her to the party.

Well, whichever way the character is trying to lean, she is cute either way in her pursuit of friendship with Kara, her only friend. And her new friend Supergirl. Guys Lena is so happy to have two friends.

She’s gonna be really mad when she figures out she really only has one friend.

The villain of the week is pretty unremarkable, a group of men with Alien tech. Who cares right? Well the interesting part is that Cadmus appears again this week, supplying them with the ‘Ray Guns’ and trying to cause distrust in the human population towards Aliens.

Why is the Doctor from Cadmus trying to do this? To protect her son and daughter. Whoever might they be? I wonder….

Oh surprise!! Doctor Cadmus is actually Lillian Luthor!! This actually makes so much sense I’m disappointed I didn’t put it together already.

Alex’s storyline is the stand out of the episode, in my personal opinion. The writers for this show could have gone so many different ways. Alex could have always been a lesbian and that show just never mentioned it, which would have felt like a cheap way.

Or this could have turned into one those “well…I’m only gay for *you* but as soon as the show gets rid of you I’m going back to guys again”. Which would have been infuriating.

Instead, we get this well done, beautifully acted story about Alex just never realizing that she liked girls, because it was never really presented as an option to her.  She just figured that since she failed at previous relationships with men, and didn’t like having sex with them, that either something was wrong with her or she just wasn’t made to like that sort of thing.

Then she met Maggie, who as the three previous episodes have shown, bring out an entirely different side to Alex than before. A more smiley happy side.

And I think that is the best part of her end of episode confession. Not the words, which were excellent. Or the actresses ability to put across how absolutely terrifying it is when you realize something like this about yourself, especially when you’re a little older. It was the smile she had when she walked away. Like everything was on its way to becoming better because she was finally figuring it all out.

Submitted by Jenn Lueck