That sure is one way to get someone’s attention! Prometheus means business. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Prometheus is ready to let team Arrow know that he is a serious threat and means business. After the burning warning, he starts killing innocent people with ninja stars. It is an alarming situation and with no pattern to track it is very alarming for the team as you don’t know your options to try to stop innocents from dying. The news decides to name him, the “Throwing Star Killer”, which not only makes him legitimate in the public eye, but causes extreme, understandable panic for the public. Downtown some people think they see the killer up on a building and start shooting towards the sky, which in turn gets others to start shooting and a mess. Arrow and team goes downtown to get people to safety and to try to stop the people shooting at ghosts in the wind.

Curtis and Felicty are trying to run data to try to figure a pattern or a future pattern to the killings. After a lot of information gathering, they do think they have found a pattern. The names of the people Prometheus is killing is to spell out names on the “List”, the kill list that Oliver had set up years ago when he first returned to the city. He had a long list of people he felt he had to kill that would save the city. This information causes some dissent among the newer members of the team who didn’t know that Oliver was in fact a murderer and not someone who has killed because he had to. The self proclaimed “B” team had to have some time to talk to each other to figure out the direction and what they feel about this new information. Evelyn seems to be the one taking it the worst so much that she appears unstable.

With some probability run, they narrow down the victims to 6 potential victims, so the team figures they need to stake out and shadow every single person on the list solo in hopes of finding Prometheus to stop him or call the team over to help. Evelyn is shadowing someone on the subway and she is still upset about everything so she turns off her com. Prometheus shows up on the subway naturally, Black Canary(Evelyn) tries her best to stop him but is not successful. Green Arrow is close by and says he will go check on her and report back, he arrives in time to stop Prometheus from killing his victim. Prometheus escapes and Arrow tells the potential victim to stop the train. He comes running back and says that they have a problem because their is a bomb on the train. They don’t have time to stop the bomb so Green Arrow gets them together and they make the escape with a parachute arrow? The train continues on the tracks and explodes, it was on an elevated track and luckily didn’t fall on people below.

Felicity has been, well downright shady with her new police boyfriend for awhile now. After giving him made up excuses, and stealing evidence, she knows it’s time to come clean. So she tells him that the reason she has late nights, and odd situations is because she works with Green Arrow. He says that he can’t believe it that his girlfriend is a criminal, but he is actually OK with it because they are doing something great for this city. He thinks it’s really cool and starts asking a bunch of questions and she tells him to just stop talking and make out.

Felicity has been running a lot of tests on the evidence star she stole from her boyfriend’s desk at work. She has been shut out for awhile trying to find a lead, but she thinks she finally found a clue. She believes that whoever Prometheus is has gotten a hold of the arrows of the Green Arrow and melted them down the last 4 years to make the stars. Green Arrow’s, arrows have a specific trace alloy in the makeup that shows up in the star itself.

Earlier Deputy Mayor Lance has no showed a few events and Thea looked through his desk to see he had whisky, she tried to get him to a meeting but he said you can’t help someone who isn’t ready to be helped, and that he never stopped drinking even though it appeared he might have. Felicity and Oliver know that someone had to have been at the precinct for years to have access to the arrows and don’t say who that person is, but we switch to a shot of Lance waking up from a drunken stupor with a cut on his right arm, and he pulls one of the “Star Killer’s stars off his table. Is Lance really Prometheus and ends up in a drunken stupor to forget what he does?