Source: // New Girl

Episode Synopsis:

While the gang helps Schmidt and Cece remodel their fixer-upper, Jess spearheads a vote to let Reagen eventually move back into the loft; Nick and Winston make a revealing discovery.

Buttonholing for votes

During most of the episode, the gang is voting on whether or not Reagan should live in the loft, now that Schmidt and Cece and moving into their new house. It takes a long time for everyone to eventually get on board, but there were definitely some interesting things that happened during the process. First of all, Nick taking the step to actually wanting Reagan to live with him, was a huge deal. I keep on thinking back to Season 1, when him and Caroline were thinking about moving in together. It kind of happened all of sudden, since they had pretty much just gotten back together, and after really thinking about what he had signed up for, Nick totally freaked out. Now, that he’s taking the first step, by asking Reagan to move in with him after barely being together with her, I’m not sure it’s going to last. I know he also freaked out during this episode about if it was the right idea, but now that Winston sent the message to Reagan, we know for sure that she’s on board because of the fact that she was returning mid-way into the season. I’m just really interested to see how Reagan and Nick’s relationship progresses. It might last for a little while, but both are super hot headed and we can’t forget about Jess living across the hall. Even though she’s “on board” with the arrangement, I’m sure just seeing the couple together day after day, is going to eat at her, till she can’t stand it anymore. Which leads me into why I love Cece. I loved that she voted nay on Reagan moving in, because she wanted to protect Jess from the trouble ahead. She really tried to steer Jess in the right direction in terms of wanting Reagan to move in, but had to eventually cave. I really wished Jess had listened to Cece more and realized that things aren’t going to run as smoothly as she thinks it is. I get that she wanted to be on Nick’s side, just so there wouldn’t be a falling out between them, but still. You can’t cave at every moment and try to be on someone’s good side, if you truly don’t believe in something. I’m hoping that after all this craziness goes down with Reagan, Jess finally has the guts to tell Nick how she feels.

Interior design battle

Schmidt and Cece had a tough time agreeing on certain things when it came to redecorating their house. At first, Schmidt tried to seem like he loved all of Cece’s ideas, but thank god Cece is smart, and confronted Schmidt about their differences. That’s why I think their relationship is going to last. I know earlier on in their dating life, they kept in all their secrets and things ended disastrously, but now that they’re married and have gone through some tough times, I think they’re at the point where they can really talk to each other about their feelings and try to work them out. I think it might be a little difficult for them at times when it comes to decorating their house, but I’m happy that Cece told Schmidt that she knows he’s the better choice in terms of picking out the paint swatches, cabinets, etc. Lastly, it was cute that Schmidt let Cece buy the door bell she wanted. She was so happy, which made me happy to see that Schmidt let her have some say in the whole renovation.

Secret keepers

Winston and Nick were so funny during this whole episode. When Winston thought he recognized Schmidt and Cece’s fireplace from a porn he watched and then told Nick, it was all hilarity after that. Who would have thought that they kept so many secrets from Schmidt and actually came up with a plan to hold onto only 5 secrets at a time. When they started listing the different secrets they’ve kept from Schmidt, I really wanted to know more about what happened during these different events. And the handshake and bowing after talking about the secrets was so weird and unnecessary, but it’s typical Nick and Winston behavior. Thank god it wasn’t the same place the porn was shot because I don’t know what Schmidt would have said, if he found out. Now it makes me wonder if there are other secrets going around about certain loft mates, that we might actually get to hear about. A whole episode about the 5 secrets would be amazing!! I want to know what the umbrella secret and the timeshare secret was about.