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We all remember Buck 1.0: the brash, cocky, ridiculously overconfident LAFD rookie who thought he was God’s gift to well, everyone. Buck 2.0 is all of the best parts of Buck minus the cockiness plus all of the wisdom he gained from his relationship with Abby. It’s a refreshing and welcome evolution.

Although he’s undergone a metamorphosis, Buck is still a younger brother and he’s a younger brother who is skeptical of his sister Maddie and Chimney’s burgeoning friendship. As they enjoy drinks at a karaoke bar, Buck’s eyebrows raise to hair level when he realizes that Maddie and Chim have basically been dating (without the label of dating). It’s a bit awkward when he blurts it out to them but Chim seems to take it in stride (Maddie not so much).

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While Buck is trying to make heads or tails about his sister and crewmate, he’s approached by the news anchor that followed the 118 station, Taylor. After a few drinks, the two get “up close and personal” (*chuckles* get it?) in the bar bathroom. It’s a return to a semi Buck 1.0 (although he feels badly).

As the team gets its first call, they find out it’s a doozy. A woman has commandeered an overpass sign and decided to challenge her husband to “see her.” It’s ridiculous and bonkers…especially when she pulls a gun on Buck (who hopped up to rescue her). Apparently, her husband “saw her” and after playing Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” à la John Cusack in Say Anything, Lola came down (and was promptly arrested by Athena).

Courtesy of Fox Broadcasting Company

Back to Buck: after seeing a couple who’d been together for decades die within minutes of each other, Buck is inspired to continue his 2.0 status. He decides to not pursue Taylor and instead calls the woman he helped rescue from the falling hotel during the earthquake. Seeing the two of them talk as the coffee shop closes gives me hope that Buck’s growth is ongoing and in the right direction.

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