It only took 3 weeks for this season of AHS to deliver on promises that were made months ago and teased with visuals in the trailer, but they finally got there. The appearance of the witches of Coven isn’t the only positive to the episode’s credit, as things finally started heating up in the Outpost, and while we stand firm that episode 2 had a pacing issue we see how well this season would do on streaming, so lets dive into this meaty episode.

Michael Langden continues his interviews to see who gets to go to his sanctuary when his interview with Mallory took a strange turn as she made the fire place erupt when she got frustrated and he flashed his more demonic looking face at her in a roar. While he was excited by the prospects, Mallory was just confused by her new powers — we were with Michael,because we knew witchery was afoot [and it’s pure theory that this blip of magic is what tipped off Cordelia and brought them to Outpost 3].

AHS: Apocalypse – FX

The first twist came with the revelation that Brock had somehow survived the blast in Los Angeles and was STILL ALIVE. We see glimpses of his struggle, about as much as we need to see of that time with all the post-fallout media already in existence, but he is on a mission to find Coco and the rumored outpost he knows to be real. He is able to infiltrate the compound in what looks like another carriage from the Cooperative. He avoids being caught on arrival when they loot the carriage by hiding under it Cape Fear style, but Venable finds the apples inside and with the help of Miss Mead concocts a plan to ensure she goes to the sanctuary: poison the apples! They milk a ridiculous amount of venom from their never ending snake supply and voila. For some reason they forget that everyone is starving and would have voluntarily ate their apples simultaneously if served with dinner, so they go extra af and make it into a bobbing for apples Halloween party! We aren’t complaining, but come on. And in a second twist, Langden doesn’t stop them and allows Venable to straight up murder the entire cast. It’s when her and Mead go to assassinate him (notice he doesn’t hide his computer when they walk in) that we get another twist — Mead is HIS robot creation (made to resemble his childhood nanny) and he has her shoot Venable.

AHS: Apocalypse – FX

With one Sarah Paulson character dead, as predicted, it opened space for her return as Cordelia. Her, Madison, and Myrtle bust in as badass as we’d hoped and set out to revive their “fallen sisters”. Cordelia uses her Supreme powers to resurrect Mallory, Coco, and Dinah with Vitalum Vitalis. While we aren’t super surprised by Dinah since Langden was drawn to her, we are surprised by Coco. We assume Coco will align herself with Langden since she always pursues power (and doesn’t seem into the whole Sisterhood thing). Dinah also has a past with Langden and could side with him because she knows he’s powerful (or could provide info for the Coven). Regardless we believe Mallory will side against Coco, as will the still hidden Brock [apparently Langden’s passive skills aren’t super great since he didn’t sense either murder or his hatred when he walked through the gate). So maybe he sides with Langden who takes him to his sanctuary, or he sides with the Coven and they heal him and take him wherever they’re stationed?

We are full of questions and are strapped in for this season as it gets crazier — we don’t know if they’ll top the mass vomit scene but our money is on them trying, and we wouldn’t miss it!